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2012 hottest ever? Try 1934.

This week American’s were hit with a whirlwind of misinformation and outright lies about the state of the climate. Bogus headlines from January 9 included:

“2012 was the hottest year ever recorded,” nationally syndicated liberal talk show host Thom Hartman.

“2012 was the hottest year in the U.S.” New York Times.

“2012 was the warmest year ever for the United States and the most extreme,” NBC News.

The headlines were derived from a press release issued by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) stating 2012 “was the warmest year in the 1895-2012 period of record for the nation.” NOAA’s data included only the lower 48 states.

Here’s why NOAA and the media outlets that blindly parrot theses claims are dead wrong: the 1930s brought the U.S. it’s hottest temperatures on record—period.

As I explain in my bestseller, Climategate, in the Thirties, twenty-two of our now 50 states recording their highest temperature ever, with the hottest year on record being 1934.

Examples include 1100 in Millsboro, Delaware on July 21, 1930; 118 0 at Keokuk, Iowa on July 20, 1942; and Steele, North Dakota reaching 1210 on July 6, 1936.

By the way, thirty-eight states recorded their all-time highs before 1960.

The U.S. has maintained the most complete, widespread, long-standing, uninterrupted set of temperature records on the planet and these records should not be taken lightly. If we were to only look at the temperature records from those same measuring stations that were used in the 1930s we would discover that there was nothing unusually hot about 2012. In fact, one would notice a net cooling since the Thirties!

The problem is the temperature record has been rigged to read warm. The leftist masterminds charged with taking the earth’s temperature are using significantly less data—or even estimating data—from cold places like Canada and Siberia.  They’re also relying on more temperatures from thermometers placed in highly urbanized (artificially warmer) locations, with most of these thermometers having been placed since the late 1980s!  Overall, global temperatures are being skewed upward. That’s exactly what NOAA did again this year.

As an aside, if NOAA relied solely on their satellite data, which accurately covers the entire planet, they would have to report that 2012’s temperatures are not unique.

One more fact: even iconic global warmist Phil Jones, head of the defamed UK Climate Research Unit, has admitted there has been no statistically significant warming since 1995.

The bottom line is our global temperature databases have been deliberately manipulated, and the people crunching the numbers so tilted politically to the left, that climate trends and annual rankings can no longer be presumed accurate.

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8 Responses to “ “2012 hottest ever? Try 1934.”

  1. glenncz says:

    Something happened to these US temps since 1999.
    Here is Hansen, the keeper of US temp’s and father of global warming in 1999 trying to explain why US temperature were lower in 1999 than in the 1930’s. By almost .5C
    Then go here and chart the data as it currently stands. Plug in Annual and from 1895 to 1999.
    Now in the new, improved version of US temps, 1999 is 3F higher than 1895, and higher than the 1930’s. So somehow things got adjusted about 2F UP!
    Now plug 1999-2011 into that NCDC site, and you’ll find 2011 about 1F lower than 1999. So
    if you join the 1999 Hansen chart with the 1999-2011 NCDC chart, you end up with 2011 being about as warm as 1895 and a full 1C cooler than the 1930’s.

  2. alph says:

    why quote Phil Jones if he’s a liar? If he’s lying about no warming, then it’s really warming.

    using spot temperatures in the 1930’s is not an average of the USA

  3. Joe Grazulis says:

    I agree with this. I’ve always felt that the media has been putting some sort of spin on these things and in recent past have found factual data to back up my skepticism. It was warm, but no dust bowl of the 1930’s.

  4. Ron Rice says:


    I switched from being a believer to skeptic after hearing you speak at a book signing and, later, reading Climategate.

    But you do the skeptic’s cause a disservice when you cite record HIGH temperatures to refute, out of context, headlines about record AVERAGE temperatures. The record average may be artificially adjusted upward for the reasons you indicate, but you should leave it at that.

    This issue is already sufficiently muddied that we don’t need “apples to oranges” comparisons. It only makes a difficult situation (trying to sort out the “facts”) worse.

    More that that, it makes you appear to overstate your case, as Al Gore did. That weakens both cases for a critical thinker.

  5. Bob Crossman says:

    RE: Global Warming Alarmism Can Have Real-World Consequences

    In 2010 UCSF anesthesiologist and global warming “expert” Susan Ryan coauthored a paper on the significance of anesthetic gases released into the atmosphere on global warming (Ref. 1 in below listed editorial)

    In the following editorial, published in 2012, an fellow anesthesiologist takes her to task–not only for poor science but for its potential real-world consequences:

  6. Scott B says:

    Only Brian Sussman would assert that data recording in any realm of science was more accurate 80 years ago than it is today. LOL!

  7. GW Smith says:

    I’m with you Brian, but I wish you would provide sources to make your case.

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