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Obama’s EPA and Environmental Justice

I just got off a conference call with the Environmental Protection Agency (I do this regularly just to try stay in the loop as to what these seditious bureaucrats are up to). The call featured EPA chief Lisa Jackson who shared an “important announcement” regarding “the Obama administrations’ commitment to environmental justice.” If the term environmental justice is new to you, take heart: my soon to be released book (Eco-Tyranny) will expose the whole damned plan. In a nutshell, environmental justice is a government-sponsored ploy to fleece for-profit businesses for...
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Why warmers lie

Dr. Peter Gleick is a rock star amongst the climate change crowd.  He has penned lengthy articles about global warming, received a MacArthur “genius award,” and has even testified before Congress.  Gleick also runs the nonprofit Pacific Institute in Oakland—an organization dedicated to teaching global warming as absolute fact in America’s public schools. But now the Berkeley resident finds himself at the center of a national scandal of his own making: using a phony name to obtain confidential documents from the Heartland Institute, a libertarian-leaning think tank known for its...
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Walk dog off leash–get Tased.

This article, by Brian Sussman, was originally posted by Human Events: MONTARA, Calif. — Last week, a federal park ranger armed with a Taser zapped a man walking his two small dogs in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  His crime? Allowing one of the dogs to walk off-leash. The Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) is an enormous piece of real estate that stretches along the coast, north and south of San Francisco.  Despite occasional postings noting that dogs are to be leashed, for decades many local residents walking and hiking through the more remote areas of the GGNRA...
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Truth About Global Warming

By popular demand, here is a link to a video monologue I produced that proves there is NO global warming.  Please share this video with friends, family, school children, skeptics, and total, in-the-tank believers. Watch it by clicking here.
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