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It is a Commie Plot

My critics are speechless. At last week’s International Climate Change Conference, sponsored by the Heartland Institute in Chicago, I asked Czech President Vaclav Klaus a question that caused leftist journalists covering the event to bristle: “For a long time socialists and communists have embraced phony environmental crisis.  Given the fact that your wonderful country was decimated by communism, I’m curious as to why you think socialists and communists tend to embrace these green issues?” Dr. Klaus’ response was to the straight to the point: “Those people who are fighting for global...
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Blogging from International Climate Conference

Scroll down for further updates: Monday I’m a keynote speaker at the Heartland Institute’s International Climate Conference in Chicago. The conference is being held at the Hilton (President Obama stayed here last night). The Occupy protesters yesterday were quite frankly, frightening.  They marched in a line that was miles long, and their chants included “Fuc- the cops,” “Kill capitalism,” and ironically, “Give peace a chance.” Last night I was floored when one of the founding father’s of meteorology and the man who invented hurricane forecasting,...
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Professor: climate change and Holocaust deniers same

A professor teaching environmental studies at Brooklyn College of CUNY has associated deniers of anthropogenic climate change with Holocaust deniers.  Even more disturbing, the professor is himself a Holocaust survivor. Micha Tomkiewicz published a series of blogs on the official campus website, likening climate change to genocide.  “I don’t want my grandchildren to die in a climate change genocide that we could have helped head off because we were waiting for some unattainable certainty about climate change,” he writes. Tomkiewicz is the author a 2011 book, Climate Change: The Fork at the End...
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Playing the Green Fear Card

Al Gore has made a living out of scaring the wits out of people. As the most well-known anthropogenic global warming advocate, the former Vice President preaches that the use of fossil fuels will eliminate entire species—perhaps even humans.  In his book, An Inconvenient Truth, he writes, “Global warming, along with the cutting and burning of forests and other critical habitats, is causing the loss of living species at a level comparable to the extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.  That event was believed to have been caused by a giant asteroid.  This time it is...
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Drill It, Dam it, Log It: How To Fight Eco-Tyranny In America

This story, by Brian Sussman, originally appeared in Forbes. Imagine owning a portfolio valued at an unfathomable fortune, and yet you’re bankrupt. Government laws are preventing you from tapping your assets. There’s no need to envision such a scenario, because as an American, it’s a reality—you’ve been hustled by a federal government beholden to the green agenda. The feds now own nearly 700 million acres of property; land brimming with natural resources vital to our founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The tragedy is our government is purposefully keeping the...
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