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Gore, the UN, and Obama’s bucket list

Al Gore loves to use carbon dioxide in a game of slight of hand he plays in all of his media presentations.  Gore simultaneously shows two graphs: one tracking CO2over the last 650,000 years, alongside another tracing temperature over the same period, embellished with the aforementioned hockey stick spike.  The casual observer is struck by the way these two graphs seem to mimic one another. In his film, with a gleam he addresses the camera and says regarding the graphs, “Incidentally, this is the first time anybody outside of a small group of scientists have seen this image.” Gore only allows a...
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CFL Light Bulbs and Skin Cancer

The fact that the federal government has unilaterally determined the type of light bulbs we are able to purchase is beyond Orwellian. Even more bizarre is the fact that the obnoxious, curlicue Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) are a known health hazard due to their content of toxic mercury. But now there is another major cause for concern. First the mercury. There have been thousands of reports of these ridiculous curlicue light bulbs bursting, cracking, and sizzling in their sockets. While similar things have happened with traditional incandescent bulbs, the difference is the CFLs contain...
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