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How Much Energy Does a Tesla Really Use?

Once again, my home state of California has decided to go where no state has gone before.  This time a California lawmaker wants to ban vehicles powered by fossil fuels.  The theory is fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas (true) that causes global warming (false, just read my books, Climategate and Eco-Tyranny). California Assembly member Phil Ting, a Democrat who is chairman of the chamber’s budget committee, plans to introduce a bill that, starting in 2040, would allow the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to register only so-called “clean” vehicles that emit no...
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Governor Brown and Al Gore WRONG on California fires

California Gov. Jerry Brown and former Vice President Al Gore are blaming anthropogenic climate change for Southern California’s devastating wildfires, calling them “the new normal.” Problem is, the science doesn’t back their claims. University of Washington meteorologist Cliff Mass, extinguished the “now normal” narrative by arguing that the data “strongly suggests there is no credible evidence” that global warming is fueling this fall’s California coastal wildfires, and that claims to the contrary are “baseless, if not outright wrong.” “The bottom line of all this...
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