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Al Gore, Arctic Ice, and Fake News

A posting at Real Climate Science reveals that the Arctic sea ice today is about the same thickness as it was 75 years ago.

That’s despite all of the predictions to the contrary by Al Gore and his crew of hypocrites, liars, and scientific fraudsters.

The posting from Steven Goddard (who blogs under the pseudonym Tony Heller), featured the image of a 1940 Townsville Daily Bulletin report that states, “ice measurements were on an average only 6 ½ feet.”

Goddard then shows a New York Times image stating the ice was “only about seven feet thick” in 1958.

Next, he posts an image from the Danish Meteorological Institute, dated January 2nd, that shows much of the Arctic sea ice cover is some two meters thick or more.

“All of the official fake news agencies and fake government agencies have been claiming that Arctic sea ice is getting thinner,” Goddard says, citing online headlines from NOAA and the Scientific American that “Arctic sea [is] ice getting thinner.”

One of the more famous Arctic ice predictions came from former vice president Al Gore, who told an audience in a 2009 speech that, “the entire north polar ice cap during some of the summer months could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.”

Al’s also the same guy who in his 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, predicted increasing temperatures would cause earth’s oceans to rise by 20 feet (which would submerge his multi-million dollar residence in San Francisco, by the way).

To quote Gore, “Say goodbye to polar bears and a whole lot of ice. New research suggests the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free by 2015, with devastating consequences for the world.  Can it be stopped?”

It’s a shame the establishment media won’t report the truth.

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