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Ammo to fight the greens: must read articles

I’ve put together a handy list of my most popular articles, all of which should provide you with the factual ammunition necessary to convincingly win arguments with those committed to pushing the green agenda.

Please read, share, and enjoy.

The lack of connection between so-called “global warming” and hurricanes.

Why 2010 wasn’t the hottest year ever – a great article on the temperature record.

More carbon dioxide equals more food.

Proving that human-caused climate change is a commie plot

An example of how wind power blows, or perhaps we should say, sucks.

Everything you ever wanted to know about glaciers (a chapter left out of Climategate).

The latest effort to push the U.N.’s Agenda 21 “extinction of species” blather .

Two articles on Al Gore: this one illustrates how reckless he is with his “facts,” and this one shares why I believe Gore has truly lost his mind.

A so-called “skeptic” becomes a warmist; meantime media forgets Noble Prize winner who becomes a climate change denier.

Polar bears are not being endangered by so-called global warming.

Hilarious article on how San Francisco’s eco-zealots have stunk up their city.

Proving Obama is no fan of nuclear energy.

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One Response to “ “Ammo to fight the greens: must read articles”

  1. m turner says:

    Mr Sussman: Can you authenticate a quote attributed to Gorbachev?
    “The Environment; is the stalking horse by which we will ride to victory”?
    And have you read the Verona papers with the Gore, Armand hammer connections?
    The cap and trade reminds me of the selling of indulgences by the Church. The requesters can sin if they pay the clergy enough. It empowers the wealthy to exclude competition from those who can`t pay the fees. farther consolidations of power. Thanks! for your exposing the frauds.

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