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Another Global Warming Book?

No. Not another global warming book.  Climategate is unquestionably the first book of its kind.

To begin with, unlike any other book on the subject, I wrote Climategate in the first person because it is the story of my years-long investigation into the environmental movement and the global warming scam.

Second, whereas other books do possess some great information, at times they all can get rather heady.  In other words, they’re not page-turners.  Climategate is different because I am, first and foremost, a professional communicator.  For the twenty-some years I was broadcasting the weather on TV and doing weekly science reports I lived by the mantra: keep it simple!  Over those years I developed a keen ability to make really complex scientific issues easy to understand. That’s what you’ll find throughout Climategate.

Third, this will be the first book opposing the theory of anthropogenic global warming which explains how the scientific suppositions articulated by Karl Marx are the basis for modern day environmentalism.

Fourth, I’ve always been outspoken when it comes to my worldview—that’s one of the reasons why it was easy to transition from weather-guy to talk radio host.  In Climategate you’re going to get an ongoing political and social commentary.  Will I offend some? Of course!  Will I embolden others?  To steal a line from a former Alaskan Governor, “You betcha!”

Finally, Climategate reads like as suspense novel in that I unravel a plot—a plot inspired by Marx, hatched by a cabal of 1960s hippies, and nurtured by a host of U.S. politicians, U.N. bureaucrats, activists scientists, and wealthy venture capitalists.  I name names and take no prisoners.  I will become a target for writing this book.

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