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Climategate’s Birth: Thank DDT

As you’ll read in Climategate, I began sniffing out the environmental scam in high school.  I was unaware at the time, but high schools in the Seventies were radically changing—particularly public schools.  They were taking on the first assignments of what would eventually lead to the full-fledged social engineering centers that many have become today.  The book that resonated with my teachers like no other was Rachel Carson’s 1962 best-seller, Silent Spring, and, consequently, it became required reading for their students. The book made it into my literature class and my antennae went up immediately.  I can only attribute it to the skeptical spirit of my dad in me (you’ll read about him in the book).  He always had a nose for a scam, and by osmosis I seemed to be absorbing his sense of smell.

My suspicions regarding the fraud found in Silent Spring were confirmed when many years later, while working as a TV meteorologist in San Jose, California, I learned of a professor at San Jose State University who was wise to Rachel Carson’s lies.  Silent Spring painted the pesticide DDT as the most evil agent of doom ever created by man (actually it’s a wonderful compound which  effectively kills malaria carrying mosquitoes).  The professor spoke publically about Carson’s lies and DDT, and would begin each of his speeches pouring a teaspoon of DDT into a glass of water and consuming it!

My DDT moment served as the initial seed of conception and evolved into years of investigation, finally bringing about the book, Climategate.

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6 Responses to “ “Climategate’s Birth: Thank DDT”

  1. Dellman says:

    While I have heard a lot about Carson’s book being full of crap, I never heard about the professor. Sheesh. How many people died because of DDT not being used?

  2. Tom Vallejos says:

    Can’t wait to get the book Brian. Heard about Carson’s lies in “Liberty and Tyranny.”

  3. Bill W. says:

    Thanks for this great work. The story about the San Jose State prof. is amazing. Can’t wait to read the book.
    Bill W.

  4. M.B. says:

    You are correct. I was in school in the 80s, and by then they were total indoctrination centers. Never read Silent Spring, but can’t wait to read your book. I doesn’t sound like it will be boring (like one book on global warming I tried to read).

  5. Linda McCann says:

    I think we should all buy an extra copy and donate it to our local high schools1

  6. John says:

    I’m putting this sign in my yard, “DOT, Please spray DDT here.”

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