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Bill Nye the Science Goof

I can’t take it anymore.  Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is a buffoon when it comes to global warming.  People keep suggesting I should debate him (since Al Gore hasn’t risen to my challenge) but really, what kind of a debate would it be?  At least with the former Veep I’d be going mano y mano with a guy who has an Oscar and a Nobel.

Billy Nye’s latest episode in idiocy occurred on CNN as he was discussing the British investigation and subsequent exoneration of those involved in the “climategate” email scandal (see post below for my review of the story–better yet, just read my book).  During the interview Nye stated that the “official” dismissal of any wrong doing by the scientists involved  is  ”…important to all the scientists. I think people who don’t believe in climate change, who deny climate change, I don’t think it’s going to affect them very much at all because they’re already committed to their – to their beliefs and this will be just one more brick in the great ziggurat of conspiracy for those people.”

Oooh. A “ziggurat of conspiracy.”  He also referred to guys like me as “irrational.”  I guess that’s right up there with Al Gore referring to skeptics of global warming as “outliers” and “flat-earthers.” Actually, Billy has gone so far as to say that those who do not believe in human induced global warming are “unpatriotic.”

However, Silly Billy made no qualms about expressing his elation over the inquiry’s findings, calling them “a great thing” and insisting that the entire climategate scandal was based on nothing but out-of-context and twisted selective phrases.

“But for people who are in the business, for people who are, if you will, trying to change the world, it’s a great thing,” Nye said. “This was based on – on, really, selective taking of phrases and twisting them – taking them out of context. It’s almost, as I said a few months ago, it’s not just mean-spirited, it’s irrational.  So, I’m delighted this got done.”

Seems like the Science Goof just let the cat out of the bag.  Those  involved in hawking the climate change mantra are trying to “change the world”–they are left of center social activists with PhDs who are bastardizing the scientific method to effect sweeping social change.

And as I have noted, the emails, which originated from Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in the U.K., created a sensation when they were first published online in November.  The communiqués revealed well-known climate researchers speaking in baseless terms about their critics, discussing clever ways to sidestep skeptical colleagues of man-made climate change, devising plans to freeze opponents out of peer-reviewed journals, and systematically manipulating the earth’s temperature record.  The “climategate” emails  led to the title of my  book.

In summation, the panel of inquiry, led by Muir Russell—a high profile educational bureaucrat from the United Kingdom— requires 158 pages to accomplish two items. First, the report excuses the intemperate language found throughout the emails, (such as one “cheering the death” of global warming skeptic, John Daly; or another threatening to “kick the crap” out of another denier) as being “characteristic of the [Internet] medium.”

Second, the panel gently finds fault with the scientists in question for being “unhelpful” in dealing with Freedom of Information Act requests for data, and for failing to share their data with other researchers holding different points of view.

However, the report does not address the primary question raised by critics like me: is this the warmest weather in history or not?

In one of the most damning CRU email exchanges, scientists spoke of a “trick” to “hide the decline” in an iconic graph used to illustrate an increase in global temperatures since industrial times. The graph, known as the “hockey stick,” was unfurled in 1999, and is famously used by both the U.N. and Al Gore to make it appear as if the temperature in recent decades has dramatically spiked.

“We do not find that the [graph] is misleading per se,” the report says. “But we believe the procedures used  [to create it] should have been made plain.”

In Climategate I disclose the faulty unscientific procedures used to create the phony graph, thus revealing how the hockey stick graph is a broken fraud.

And, contrary to what the scientists at CRU say, we are not living in the hottest conditions ever.  In fact, as recent as 1990 the United Nations promoted a totally different graph illustrating that the warmest weather in the past 1,000 years occurred during the medieval period between 1150 and 1350.  That graph illustrated that the “Medieval Optimum” was a solid two degrees warmer than today!  Certainly SUVs and coal-fired electrical generating plants could not be blamed for that increase in temperature.

However, the newer 1999 graph eliminates the medieval warming and contends the earth’s atmosphere has been forced—by human derived greenhouse emissions—into uncharted territory.  Politicians, eco-activists, and even CRU scientists proclaim only urgent political action will reverse the warming trend.

The hockey stick hoax has now become the basis for every current proposal on the planet to combat global warming, including President Obama’s proposed cap-and-trade legislation currently being considered by the U.S. Senate.

My guess is Bill Nye doesn’t know a hockey stick from horse hockey.

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8 Responses to “ “Bill Nye the Science Goof”

  1. jubilee says:

    I know Bill Nye is silly, I wish he would debate YOU instead. I like Bill Nye’s show on PBS hes entertaining on many fronts…I wish Gore realizes that he needs to plant more trees to soak up the carbon dioxide that is ‘too much’. Carbon monoxide and other gases are polluting…Ive always wondered if these silly hippies are on dope to think carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are the same thing.

  2. jubilee says:

    CARBON DIOXIDE IS PART OF THE CIRCLE OF LIFE!! The ‘real’ one……I’ve learned that in 3rd grade.

  3. Great article would it be OK if i translate into Czech for my blogs readers? If so what acknowledgement would you prefer?

  4. No acknowledgement required. Just get the word out…

  5. Peter Stines says:

    Bill Nye, the lying guy! What do you expect from Disney ? He’s just another cartoon character.

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  7. Benton says:

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  8. Horuti says:

    Global warming is a ntarual occurrence, volcano’s make co2 etc and cows make methane. humans are just accelerating the process faster than the world can cope with it. and don’t listen to the politicians they think in a six figures only. they think they can stop unemployment by cutting expenses and think it can create jobs. Global warming wont happen in our time anyway but to be on the safe side spend hundreds of pounds on a solar panel and make no difference what so ever while they make more oil platforms and power stations and not build wind turbines because there more interested in the little old lady that says they look ugly. Lee evans hit on a critical point. even an air freshener needs to be plugged in nowadays just to get a stink out of it, where as dog poo on the other hand needs nothing.

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