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Blogging from International Climate Conference

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I’m a keynote speaker at the Heartland Institute’s International Climate Conference in Chicago. The conference is being held at the Hilton (President Obama stayed here last night). The Occupy protesters yesterday were quite frankly, frightening.  They marched in a line that was miles long, and their chants included “Fuc- the cops,” “Kill capitalism,” and ironically, “Give peace a chance.”

Last night I was floored when one of the founding father’s of meteorology and the man who invented hurricane forecasting, Dr. William Gray, literally got down on his knees in front of the room to thank me for writing Climategate and now Eco-Tyranny.  It was awkward and humbling at the same time. Dr. Gray repeated, “Finally somebody has called it like it is!  They [the radical environmentalists and global warmists] are trying to dominate us.”

Also here is the last man to walk on the moon, Dr. Harrison “Jack” Schmitt. I hope to meet him later today.

We just had an amazing presentation by Joe Bastardi, formerly of Accu-Weather, now with Weather Bell. Bastardi gave a convincing report illustrating how the earth’s atmosphere is self-regulating, sometimes warming, sometimes cooling, to maintain equilibrium.  Also he showed the relationship between temperature trends in the upper atmosphere and the frequency of tornados and hurricanes (geeky, but really good.)

I’ve never been to conference with so much internal security. A hostile media is taking notes, and we are told rabble-rousers are amongst us, ready to go off at any moment.

By the way, there are 51 speakers and presenters (all skeptics or deniers). Heartland invited an equal number of global warmists to speak, and the ALL declined. Cowards.

Other important observations:

- According the UN’s IPCC report, global sea levels have fallen.
- Over the past 500 years global temperatures rise and fall every 25-30 years.
- The UN’s last ten-year temperature forecast was wrong–it never warmed. Period.
- Extra solar activity warms oceans (storing excess heat), causing a temporary sea level rise. When solar activity decreases the stored oceanic heat is released into the atmosphere to help the planet maintain a temperature balance (at which time the sea levels decrease).
- New name for wind power: coal-wind power, or natural gas-wind power, or hydro-wind power. Wind is totally reliant on a secondary power source.

Protesters have arrived outside conference today. They are a bunch of college-aged lunatics who have no idea what we’re even discussing. If they could only hear what astro-physicists, geologists, astronauts, climatologists, meteorologists, and others are saying inside the conference, maybe they would pause and think for themselves. Or maybe not.

Here are some additional tidbits from our speakers:

- International satellite readings illustrate global sea-levels have dropped since  2010.
- NOAA satellites show that global temperatures have  been dropping for the last two years.
- If CO2 were to double (or even triple) in atmosphere, plant life would thrive, crops would see great yields,  habitats would be healthier, and people would live longer (by the way, CO2 does NOT drive temperature).
- in the US average longevity has increased due to people move from the north to the south (where temperatures average 15-20 degrees warmer)–by 7 years.

I speak tonight at about 6 p.m. Central. Streaming live at It will be lively!

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4 Responses to “ “Blogging from International Climate Conference”

  1. Debbie says:

    Environmentalists always refuse to talk to groups who may not agree with them or groups that contain opposing views – Cheney’s Energy summit in 2001 for example – and then complain that they are not listened to. Looks like nothing has changed. It appears to me that the position of the Environmentalists is “If its not my point of view then it’s wrong, so why do I want to listen to your information. I know it’s wrong”. Problem is that the facts are starting to prove their position wrong.

  2. Eric Dailey says:

    I heard your after dinner speech by live stream feed from the Heartland blog. Thanks for your brave words. You speak the truth about the origins of the environmental movement. It is much worse than most know. Please continue to wake the sleeping good Americans. Thank you for your story about Mr. and Mrs. Lewis of Long Island NY in the Revolution. Thank you for calling other Americans to “give their all”. We shall prevail. Resistance is victory.

  3. Dave Kiehl says:

    If one is invited to dinner by cannibals, one must first make sure that one is not on the menu before accepting the invitation. The Heartland Institute is not an unbiased organization. The legitimate climatologists were on the menu.

  4. eisbereiter says:

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