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Busting the 97% Myth

I get soooo tired of hearing about how 97 percent of all climate scientists believe humans are responsible for global warming due to their insatiable addiction to fossil fuels as well as other anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide generation. My friend Jim Lakely, of the Heartland Institute, has probably put together the best summary to bust this myth, so I’ll let him do the talking:

One of the most commonly cited studies of the “97 percent” was conducted by a University of Illinois professor and a graduate student who asked the following questions to 10,257 Earth scientists working for universities and government research agencies:

Q1. When compared with pre‐1800s levels, do you think that mean global temperatures have generally risen, fallen, or remained relatively constant?”

Q2. Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures?

They received responses from 3,146 people, of which only 5 percent self‐identified as climate scientists. To get to the magic 97 percent in the affirmative to both questions — in the answers to questions even many skeptics would answer “yes” — the study’s authors had to whittle down the survey to a paltry 79 “climate scientists,” defined as those who also have “published more than 50 percent of their recent peer‐reviewed papers on the subject of climate change.” The National Academy of Sciences survey is similarly skewed.

So, bottom line: A handful of “qualified” scientists asserting “fact” is not what it seems. Yet the enviro-left still clings to this fraudulent “argument by authority” nonsense.

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4 Responses to “ “Busting the 97% Myth”

  1. ninerfaithful says:

    crickets stop chirping and listen! Cryin’ Brian is talking!

  2. Can you at least address the content of the article?

  3. Mr Boston 45 says:

    Why do all these global warming folks use snide remarks vs fact on where you could be proven wrong?
    I was raised in NH and skied Tuckerman Ravine on MT Washington in the early 60’s
    we could ski till the end of June, now that’s not possible, but does that in by itself mean global warming is csused by man’s creations,hardly.

    None of us will live long enough to discover the truth or disaster type climate changes like a return of the ICE AGES. That being said perseving out natural resources is well worth the effort worrying about climate control
    is a waste of time, because what man creates Mother nature can destroy

  4. Dan says:

    Caught your program on Eagle Forum podcast from 5-29-2010 just today. It makes me worried gravely for our country, now, 3 years later and just starting into another 3 more years of this administration. Thanks for what you’re doing. Please keep it up. The TRUTH is what’s important above all, no matter how hard it is to face.

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