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Sussman On Fox Business…Again!

The libs have gone nuts over my appearances on Fox, and this was no exception. Click here to see me proclaim the truth about the climate and it’s relationship to EPA regulations and the economy.
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Sussman Debates Colmes on Fox

Brian Sussman was on Fox Business Channel  to debate Alan Colmes.  Actually it wasn’t a debate, it was an embarrassment for Colmes. Now the George Soros funded Media Matters organization is attacking Fox for using Sussman as their expert. By the way, Mr. Sussman is a weather expert.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Missouri, has accomplished nearly 100 semester hours of post-graduate atmospheric science course work, is a full-member of the American Meteorological Society, served on the AMS’s board of elementary education, and received a prestigious award from...
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Sussman’s Recent Appearance on Fox & Friends

Sussman explains why the big snowstorms in the eastern U.S. are not being caused by global warming.  Open this posting and click here.
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Sussman Grills the California Air Resources Board

Sources indicate state employees at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are furious over a recent rant conducted by Sussman on his San Francisco radio program. However, says Sussman, “They can’t publicly respond to my comments, because they know I’m right.” Listen to Sussman’s on-air comments, here.
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See Al Gore’s Useful Idiots In Action

Al Gore came to Monterey, California for a speech, and Brian Sussman–along with 200 readers of his book, Climategate–assembled to welcome global warming’s poster boy.  To see the video and the useful idiots who follow Gore, click here.
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