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Climategate Email Investigation Proves Nothing

By Brian Sussman:

An independent investigation into the leak of hundreds of emails from one of the world’s leading climate research centers largely excuses the scientists involved, claiming their research was reliable.

The emails, which originated from Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in the U.K., created a sensation when they were first published online in November.  The communiqués revealed well-known climate researchers speaking in baseless terms about their critics, discussing clever ways to sidestep skeptical colleagues of man-made climate change, devising plans to freeze opponents out of peer-reviewed journals, and systematically manipulating the earth’s temperature record.  The emails became known as “climategate” and led to the title of my hard-hitting book.

The climategate scandal rocked the United Nations climate change conference at Copenhagen in January, and forced the resignation of CRU director Phil Jones.

In summation, the panel of inquiry, led by Muir Russell—a high profile educational bureaucrat from the United Kingdom— requires 158 pages to accomplish two items. First, the report excuses the intemperate language found throughout the emails, (such as one “cheering the death” of global warming skeptic, John Daly; or another threatening to “kick the crap” out of another denier) as being “characteristic of the [Internet] medium.”

Second, the panel gently finds fault with the scientists in question for being “unhelpful” in dealing with Freedom of Information Act requests for data, and for failing to share their data with other researchers holding different points of view.

However, the report does not address the primary question raised by vocal critics like me.

Is this the warmest weather in history or not?

In one of the most damning CRU email exchanges, scientists spoke of a “trick” to “hide the decline” in an iconic graph used to illustrate an increase in global temperatures since industrial times. The graph, known as the “hockey stick,” was unfurled in 1999, and is famously used by both the U.N. and Al Gore to make it appear as if the temperature in recent decades has dramatically spiked.

“We do not find that the [graph] is misleading per se,” the report says. “But we believe the procedures used  [to create it] should have been made plain.”

In Climategate I disclose the faulty unscientific procedures used to create the phony graph, thus revealing how the hockey stick graph is a broken fraud.

And, contrary to what the scientists at CRU say, we are not living in the hottest conditions ever.  In fact, as recent as 1990 the United Nations promoted a totally different graph illustrating that the warmest weather in the past 1,000 years occurred during the medieval period between 1150 and 1350.  That graph illustrated that the “Medieval Optimum” was a solid two degrees warmer than today!  Certainly SUVs and coal-fired electrical generating plants could not be blamed for that increase in temperature

However, the newer 1999 graph eliminates the medieval warming and contends the earth’s atmosphere has been forced—by human derived greenhouse emissions—into uncharted territory.  Politicians, eco-activists, and even CRU scientists proclaim only urgent political action will reverse the warming trend.

The hockey stick hoax has now become the basis for every current proposal on the planet to combat global warming, including President Obama’s proposed cap-and-trade legislation currently being considered by the U.S. Senate.

Interestingly, the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia was founded in 1972 by one of modern meteorology’s most respected scientists, Dr. H.H. Lamb.  It was also Professor Lamb who created the graph used by the U.N. in 1990 revealing that the world was a much warmer place during the medieval years.

What the climategate emails are about is whether academics were justified in making the Medieval Warm Period disappear.  This investigation conveniently refused to address the issue.

And Phil Jones? He has been reinstated as director of the CRU. Certainly Dr. Lamb is rolling in his grave. As Lamb’s graph portrayed, he was never a believer in human caused global warming. He would be shocked to see how Jones has turned CRU into a front operation for environmental activists.

As a reminder of where H.H. Lamb stood on the subject, here’s an excerpt from his obituary, which ran in the U.K. Independent on Wednesday, July 9th, 1997:

An irony is, now that the world is acutely aware of global climate change, Lamb had maintained a guarded attitude to the importance of greenhouse gas warming.  Although many others have accepted this, he felt that there was too much reluctance to consider the full range of other, natural, causes of change. Right to the end of his life, he was promoting his “different view”.

His different view of climate has left behind a deeper understanding of the nature of climate change, and of the interactions between natural systems which contribute to it.

Dr. Lamb was a pure scientist who went to his grave believing that climate change was natural and not caused by mankind. It’s a shame the independent panel of investigators did not pick apart the climategate emails in a manner befitting Lamb’s legacy.

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7 Responses to “ “Climategate Email Investigation Proves Nothing”

  1. Thank you, Sir – for the sober reminder that the truth and understanding are the goals of science.

    I’ve read your well researched book and the references among its well foot-noted pages and I came away grateful that there was at least one person with the courage to simply tell the truth. Not that you are alone – your book and research provided references to tens of thousands of other scientists that have been largely silenced by those advocating for AGW and derived public policies.

    I remain optimistic that the people of the world will embrace science and reject AGW based policy.

  2. David C. says:

    It is no surprise to me that the “scientists” involved in this email scandal get a free pass. I remember telling a friend that nothing will come it. It’ll get swept under a rug and promptly forgotten.

    Now, onto Mr. Sussman’s book. I just finished reading “Climategate” today, and this book confirmed my suspicions that AGW is pure environmental sophism. And Gore is the lead sophist.

    It is nonsense to believe that a man with only a Bachelors degree in Government, and no graduate or doctorate degrees is portrayed as an “expert” in the field of atmospheric sciences. How is it that the enviro-loons fail to recognize this? And yet these deniers of reality are quick to denounce the real scientists that oppose their advancement of AGW.

    I don’t hold Mr. Ketchum’s optimism that “the people of the world will embrace science and reject AGW based policy.”

    The reality is–we’re getting “hosed and snowed” by the dictatorial eco-crats. And unlike Oliver, the global warming porridge is forced down our throats. And the result is that the people of the world have embraced AGW based policies under the guise of “sustainable development” and have rejected sound empirical evidence to the contrary.

    Now, the question is: What do we do to stop this mad hysteria?

  3. Cris says:

    Brian, are you: a climate ideologue? Financially invested? Involved in a Man Crush on President Obama? Painfully naive? Or simply delusional?
    If these circumstances surrounded any other objective question in today’s world, (ex) Q. Is a certain entrée healthy enough to be sold in Public School cafeterias? The answer would be-Unequivocally No, followed apologetically with, “come back when your research is complete.” It is mind-numbing how an organized group of underachieving, loser rejects from around the world, were sucked in and conned into twisting their speculative research in a way so it provided surface cover for ideological leftist, control freak nitwits to pillage and pilfer hundreds of millions of hard working people out of their hard earned money. You don’t seem like an idiot, I’m surprised that you are still inhaling ether.
    Here’s a good article, not precisely on point. However, if you are interested, there a many articles out which are directly on point. Enjoy and please open your eyes to the most ginormous and encompassing international sham perpetrated in our lifetimes.

    Mrs Madoff Exonerates Michael Mann
    July 2010 Paul Driessen

  4. Speaking of inhaling; sounds like you’re sucking on a dope-filled bong.

  5. Hey 2oo6uv84ovus8y4k5v42, very interesting post, it really got me thinking. Thank you. j3l4bx9s22

  6. Martin McClellan says:

    If I understand Climategate from even the news reports the trick of adding the real temperatures back in if you will was to their proxy. The real temperatures from 1990 to 1998 continued to rise while the proxy they had generated to give the temperatures in years before recorded temperatures had started to drop. The conclusion is that their proxy doesn’t work therefore they cannot make any reliable scientific statement about temperatures either past or future except for that limited past of recorded temperatures.

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