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CO2 Increase Not Wreaking Havoc

The greens continue to shout that since carbon dioxide (CO2) has reached 400ppm (parts per million) we’re doomed (even though in bygone eras CO2 levels were 6-12 times what they are today). Nonetheless the earth seems to be responding favorably to the recent increase in this variable gas. Note:

  • We’re experiencing the coldest summer on record at the North Pole.
  • Right now the Arctic sea ice is the most expansive we seen in August since 2006.
  • There is currently a record high August Antarctic ice extent.
  • There have been no major hurricane strikes for eight years.
  • Four of the five snowiest northern hemisphere winters have occurred since 2008.
  • This has been one of the weakest tornado seasons on record.
  • The current fire season is off to a slow start.

These are a few truths the eco-freaks will find extremely inconvenient.

Oh, yeah (almost forgot): there has be NO global warming for 17 years

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