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Dead Bat Closes Wind Farm

Thirty-five windmills at a wind farm in Pennsylvania,  have been shutdown at night since a bat  was found dead under one of the turbines.

According to the Associated Press, the farm was forced to shut down the windmills during the night time hours, after the bat, an endangered species, was found dead in September.

By the way, you read the copy correct.  We’re talking about one dead bat.

The wind farm was built by Gamesa Energy USA, and covers parts of Portage, Washington, and Cresson Townships in Cambria County, and part of Blair County, about 60 miles east of Pittsburgh.

A spokesman for Duke Energy, which now owns the wind farm, says it has an agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to determine whether bats are regularly being harmed by the windmills.

The windmills will likely resume nighttime operation in mid-November, when the bats will hibernate until spring.  After that, they’ll probably be shut down again each evening at sunset.

The reduced generation  of electricity from the wind turbines will decrease overall efficiency of the farm, thus causing the cost of this “green” energy source to be even more expensive for the consumer than it already is.

As I share in Climategate, dead birds have been hampering wind farms for years.  In California, home to the oldest and largest wind farm (Altamont, east of San Francisco), millions of dollars in studies, paid for by the utility company,  have been conducted.  Some of the turbines have been turned off, some have been modified, others see limited use.

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