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Did Al Gore Call Me Out?

During  an address this past weekend at Hampshire College, Al Gore took a swipe at “some talk radio hosts” who don’t  believe in human-caused global warming.  Well, seeing that I:

  • am the only talk radio guy in the country with a Certification from the American Meteorological Society (I was a former, award-winning TV meteorologist)
  • am the author of a bestseller, Climategate, in which I pen a damning exposé of Mr. Gore’s life and career
  • have just released Eco-Tyranny, where I further expose Gore’s un-American missives
  • utilize the URL…

I’m guessing Al might well be talking about me. In fact, World Net Daily felt the same way, and did an excellent story allowing me to fire back at Gore. You can read their article here.

Meantime, below is the pertinent excerpt from Gore’s address, interspersed with my comments.

GORE: “The people of this world are putting 90 million tons of global warming pollution into the earth’s atmosphere every 24 hours; 20% of it will still be there 20K years from now.”

SUSSMAN: Al is of course speaking of carbon dioxide, CO2, and is playing a game of slight-of-hand. CO2 is a variable gas and makes up  38/1000ths of 1 percent of the earth’s atmosphere. Human activity (through the use of fossil fuels) contributes about 2.5 percent of all the CO2 in the atmosphere.  CO2 is part of a cycle—just like the water cycle, only slower. Carbon dioxide content has increased rapidly many times within the history and each time this increase has eventually reversed and turned into decrease. In past eras we know it was at least 6 times higher than today.

GORE: “We are told by some that it’s caused by sunspots—that’s not true. We’re told by some it’s caused by volcanoes—that’s not true.”

SUSSMAN: Again, Al is being reckless with his rhetoric. Virtually every solar physicist is convinced variations in the sun’s radiation, evident in events such as sunspots, can, have, and will alter the earth’s atmospheric temperature and climate.  As for volcanoes, virtually every geologist acknowledges that massive volcanoes, spewing copious amounts of ash into the upper atmpsphere can–and have–altered the earth’s atmospheric temperature and climate.

GORE: “We’re told by some that it just doesn’t exist and we should ignore the fact that every single national academy of science of every single nation on this earth that has one says that it is true, it is an urgent problem that requires an urgent solution.”

SUSSMAN: For starters, Al should attend an annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society or the American Geological Union. The breakout sessions at these conferences often end up in vigorous debates over these issues—and it’s hardly a small percentage of members who are global warming skeptics.

GORE: “Every single professional scientific society in every field related to earth science and climate science says it is an urgent problem that requires urgent attention and must be addressed.  97 to 98 percent of all the climate scientists most activiely publishing in the world say it is an urgent problem that must be urgently addressed. Now there’s some talk radio show hosts that say it’s not [pause for laughs]. But my point is we must respond.”

SUSSMAN: Ha-ha, Al. The laugh’s on you.

By the way, your 97 to 98 percent calculation is a new one.  Last I checked the Oregon Petition alone (which you hate because it’s signees have declared that the anthropogenic global warming theory is false) had 31,000 signees,  including 5,812 physicists, 4,822 chemists, 3,805 atmospheric/earth scientists, and 9,029 with Ph.D.’s.

As for the “talk radio hosts” you speak of—allow me to introduce myself.  I’m the only talk radio guy in the country who’s also a meteorologist. I also wrote a bestseller, Climategate (in which I rip you to shreds), and the just released, Eco-Tyranny (where I rip you further).  The URL leading to my blog is

Glad to meet you, loser.

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4 Responses to “ “Did Al Gore Call Me Out?”

  1. Mary Raymond says:

    I am about half way through your new book and I find it a page turner. I have always felt we were being scammed and thanks to you now I can convince my friends. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Mary. Please share the book with a friend.

  3. KMike says:

    Caught your Q and A with Norre on Coast to Coast last night. I’ve echoed the same thoughts related to the ’smart meter’ and ’smart grid’, but it normally falls on deaf ears as people have become so conditioned to the fossil fuel, climate change misinformation that paints over the truth, they’re just accepting of it now. The best thing to do is get off the grid completely where they have no control over you, but that’s easier said than done. Keep up the good work.

  4. Brian,
    Mr. Gore doesn’t need to bogged down by silly facts. He’s got an Academy Award, and a Nobel Prize. So he’s infalable to being incorrect. That’s how he can make
    up his own facts and figures. It could have something to do with being famous,as well? Frankly, it’s probably not even his fault at all, nor will he likely admit it when he figures he’s ever been wrong. He’s become a narsicist. And he cann’t help doing it. For him, it probably self-theroputic right now. And correcting him would only cause an immature and irrational response to come out of him. – signed, Ron Burch
    Foster City, CA.

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