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Don’t Stop The Warming!

I receive interesting emails from all over the world.  This one came in today, from the Land Down Under:

Enjoy the Warmth

In 1998, El Nino caused a warm weather spike. In 2015-6 another El Nino created another warm spike. That’s what weather does – it fluctuates.

Long-term climate trends are more significant.

We live in the autumn of the warm Holocene period within the Pleistocene Ice Age – an era of lethal ice separated by brief, warm, carbon-rich, life-supporting interludes. The long-term peak occurred 7,000 years ago – glacial winter lies ahead.

Promoting destructive energy policies designed to prevent warming (and starve plants), just as the next climate winter approaches, is suicidal behaviour.

Viv Forbes,

Rosewood    Qld   Australia

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