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Earth Day’s message: eliminate humans

Yesterday I took a video crew to the Earth Day Festival in Santa Cruz, California.  I chose this location because this city is known for being a model of greenness, and even maintains Department of Climate Change, complete with a director making $250,000 per year.

The question I posed in my man-on-the street-interviews was, “What is the greatest threat confronting mankind?”

In almost every interview, I was told the greatest threat was the human species.

Most troubling was an interview with a 12-year old girl who said she had been taught in school that global warming was real, that there were too many people on the planet, and that, based upon what she has learned at school, humans should not exist.

Her mom stood next to her, proudly looking on.

This is an example of what I write about in chapter six of Eco-Tyranny, entitled “Green Gospel.”  What this girl has been aught is nothing less than green-child abuse.

I’ll be posting the video later this week—you won’t want to miss it.

The truth is, Earth Day has never been a celebration of the earth, instead, it’s always been an assault on mankind.

On this date in 1970, a trio of radical dreamers established the first Earth Day, an annual event designed to assault capitalism, free-markets and mankind.

The initial concept was conceived by Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-WS).  Nelson was Congress’ leading environmentalist activist, a sort of pre-incarnate Senator Barbara Boxer in drag.  He was also the mastermind behind those ridiculous teach-ins which were vogue in the Sixties and early Seventies.  During the teach-ins, mutinous school instructors would scrap the day’s assigned curriculum, pressure their students to sit cross-legged on the floor, and “rap” about how America was an imperialist nation, and converse about why communism really wasn’t such a bad form of government—it just needed to be implemented properly.

Nelson’s teach-in efforts were aided by a young man named Denis Hayes.  Hayes was student body president while at Stanford, and well known for organizing anti-Vietnam war protests.  Hayes heard about Senator Nelson’s teach-in concept and eventually helped Nelson institute the practice nationwide.

Rounding out the troika was Professor Paul Ehrlich of Stanford.  In 1968 Ehrlich authored the Malthusian missive, The Population Bomb, in which he infamously spouted wild allegations which included equating the earth’s supposed surplus of people with a cancer that needs to be eradicated:  “A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people…We must shift our efforts from treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer.  The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions,” he wrote.

In 1969, following a much-hyped oil spill off the Santa Barbara coast, an overblown patch of fire on Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River, and the drug-induced vibes cast across the nation via the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, Senator Nelson met with Ehrlich and reportedly said, “My God—why not a national teach-in on the environment?”  Hayes was brought in to play a pivotal role with organization and implementation.  After careful consideration a name and date for the event were chosen:  the inaugural Earth Day would be celebrated April 22, 1970—Russian dictator Vladimir Lenin’s Centennial.

Environmentalists have always admired Lenin.  He was the first disciple of Karl Marx to capture control of a country, and the opening act of his seven-year reign commenced with the abolition of all private property—a Marxist priority.  Despite overseeing a bloody civil war, a devastated economy and a citizenry without hope, Lenin made it a priority to implement his signature decree, “On Land.”  In it he declared that all forests, waters, and minerals to be the exclusive property of the state, and he demanded these resources be protected from use by the public and private enterprise.  Selling timber or firewood, mining minerals, or diverting water for farming was strictly prohibited.

While Nelson and Ehrlich were already known as non-traditional crackpots, Hayes was that and more.  In a New York Times article published the morning after the first Earth Day headlined, “Angry Coordinator of Earth Day,” young Hayes bragged that five years earlier he fled overseas because “I had to get away from America.”  Hayes was so committed to his anti-capitalist cause that he made sure his organization did not even produce Earth Day bumper stickers, “You want to know why?” he explained to the Times, because “they go on automobiles.”

Earth Day has never been a celebration of the beauty and bounty of this awesome terrestrial ball.  Instead it’s always been an assault on man.             During the first decade of Earth Day observances people were proclaimed the polluter.  By the Eighties the event’s organizers cast mankind as the tree killer, and, with the Nineties, humans evolved into the animal species annihilator.  The global warming scare never really became popular until the late Nineties, and when it did, it provided compatriots at the Earth Day headquarters with the ultimate hook to hang their red berets: humans, particularly Americans, were now screwing up the entire planet’s climate.

Today, rather then join in the Marxist falderal designed to hammer the American way, let’s give thanks for our nation’s abundant resources and dedicate ourselves to electing leaders who will reclaim our natural capital from the stranglehold of regulations, policies and laws that are more in keeping with the tyranny of Marx than the liberty of Madison.

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10 Responses to “ “Earth Day’s message: eliminate humans”

  1. Ellen Baker says:

    Here in Whatcom County, Washington, we live in the belly of the same beast. Public policy has been written to un-do the evil effects of human occupancy. The buzzwords being used are restore and enhance, and the goals are “no net loss” and “zero net.” It’s chilling.

    Without clarity, the county resources targeted for all this protection aren’t merely public ones. All “natural resources” are considered community resources.

    The green machine puts such a nice face on sustainability and community activism that criticism of any kind is demonized as selfish and anti-social.

    Keep up your efforts – “fight truth decay,” sir.

  2. Nia says:

    By “much-hyped oil spill” do you mean the third largest spill in the US? The one that fouled 40+miles of coastline and killed thousands of birds and marine mammals. Yep trivial. Almost as trivial as I’m sure you think the BP Gulf oil spill was.

    And did you know about the other fires on the Cuyahoga, including one that burned an office building and racked up a million dollars in damages. The point was, though, that the river was dead, devoid of all life.

    And it wasn’t the only one in the US. I remember the 60’s – hacking while trying to run in city “air”, not being allowed to swim in rivers or beaches because of the toxins being spewed in. EPA was the best thing to happen to the environment in a long time.

  3. Alan says:

    These people are so stupid. Look what their hero’s in the old Soviet Union did to the environment. That’s what they would do to the world if they had their way. Those who don’t understand history are doomed to repete it.

  4. Nia says:

    I did an unscientific survey of 10 of my environmentalist friends. The only one who guessed that Lenin was born on Earth Day had learned this from a right-wing diatribe similar to Brian’s. She was also the only one not surprised to learn she was supposed to be a communist.

    Contrary to what you think, Alan and Brian, the communists are not the environmentalists “hero’s” [sic]. While the introduction of capitalism brought about some environmental degradation where there hadn’t been any, for the most part, the communists often did horrendous environmental damage.

    I’m wondering why we stupid environmentalists would do the same if we had our way? Just because we supposedly idolize Lenin? Sorry Alan, we can think (and spell, for that matter), and are not doomed to blindly “repete” history.

  5. Gabor says:

    Nia, you are a stupid environmentalist. Not only that, you’re the typical condescending, arrogant, stupid environmentalist. But at least you recognize that the communists did a lot of damage – more than you can imagine: I lived in it a long time ago.

    If you can think as well as you can spell, then how is it that you cannot see the parallel tyrannical tendencies in communism and radical environmentalism? Perhaps both are acceptable to you? If you don’t know the origins and the ultimate goals of them but you are advocating them, then you are a danger to yourself and your surroundings. If you are an advocate of either of these ideologies being fully aware of what they are, then you are a danger to humanity. –

    - Brian, I miss our occasional chat on your radio program, but I too, left crumbling California. Keep hammering away! God bless you bro.

  6. Steven says:

    Sorry Nia, but the fact of the matter is that the EPA has been suffering from “mission creep” for 25 years. Yes, the Cuyahoga burning was terrible, and yes, the air is now cleaner is cities. But now the EPA is telling us we can’t walk above the high-tide line on beaches in North Carolina, just one example of how it has far, far overreached what was originally intended as common-sense good. The environmental movement has been hijacked by extremists, as GreenPeace co-founder has repeatedly said. And, as a “side note,” you never address the main point of this post: that children are being taught humans are evil and should be wiped off the planet. In my opinion, those who teach such propaganda should lead the way.

  7. Debs says:

    Oil spills… They tragic, and a waste. Going by popular belief, a person would think petroleum is unnatural – a fabricated, manmade poison. It is not.

    Petroleum is a naturally occurring substance, something that leaks from the Earth’s crust in many places both on land and under the sea. Petroleum is a vestige and a natural byproduct of decomposed ancient zooplankton and algae; it has VERY organic roots. Petroleum is very much like “stored solar energy” if you stop to consider that the zooplankton and algae were little solar bioengines.

    Any many natural, wild microorganisms find petroleum an ideal carbon-rich food (not unlike sugar). The planet was coping and recovering from “oil spills” and slicks for a long, long time.

    Of course major oil spills are tragic, and a waste. But the planet has many natural mechanisms for coping with what life hands her.

  8. Lou` says:

    In about 1970 the Global 2000 document came out of the Rockefeller clan’s maw.

    The depopulation plan was implemented almost immediately.

    Depopulation Methods

    o Cancer
    o Vaccination
    o Medical Radiation
    o Fluoridated Water
    o Toxic Big Pharma Drugs

    Many others. Look hard people,look hard.

  9. Ann says:

    I love earth day. All the Christmas lights come out and are plugged in. Every light in the house comes on. The refrigerator door stands open. Washer, dryer, A/C go full blast all day, with all doors and windows wide open in protest. You get the picture. Drives my liberal neighbor crazy. It’s loads of fun.

    Not really… My Dad was a conservationist for the Fed. Gov. and would have kicked my butt for doing that. But now that I have your attention, this is one basic truth you must know, whether you accept it or not, like it or not. He was briefed on this in the 1960’s. All this green stuff is communism masked to control the masses. Those who briefed him at the time were very clear about their intentions. This is also a basic principal of radical Islam in shariah law. Hillary Clinton has a member of the Muslim Brotherhood working on her staff right now, pushing us into this green agenda in the U.N. (Ref: Former Islamic terrorist, Walid Shoebat)

    Do you really think we can control the weather? It’s the same mentality that says “save the whales, but abort the babies”. Does this warped logic really sound right to you? Wake up! You’ve been duped!

  10. C. Franke says:

    Brian’s assessment of runaway
    environmentalism and the
    “depopulation bomb” is all to true. There is even more concrete evidence out there that exposes the insane agendas of the far left eco-terrorists
    that see depopulation as a
    good thing as long as “they”
    are not the ones who have to die. Government today does not know how to manage much of anything, and let’s be honest, corporations don’t either because of greed. What we need is more privatization of goods & services & lands that belong to regular people vs. the government or corporations. Finding that balance is still yet another page in the ongoing struggle for moderation and individual rights which is the foundation of our constitution and our country. Without private land belonging to the common people, liberty is nothing and serfdom will be reborn. The classic example was the Ukraine in the 1930’s.

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