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Fishing with Dynamite

The only thing environmentalists like about the oil industry is that it provides their Prius hybrids with gasoline.  Other than that these nature nuts hate every aspect of the business sector they refer to as, “Big Oil.”

Now here’s the story.  Out in the Gulf of Mexico there are hundreds of oilrigs that are no longer in service.  At the demand of environmentalists, laws have been created to remove the rigs, which are considered ecological hazards.

Tell that to the sea life.  Underwater cameras have determined that old rigs become artificial reefs with rich coral habitats that are teeming with fish and other sea creatures.  But that means nothing to the greenies.  They contend that the rigs are unnatural, even though the environment has neatly adapted to the manmade structures.  And, with the help of the Obama administration, the waters of the Gulf have become a demolition derby with oilrigs being dynamited two or three times per week. Team Obama refers to this two-year old demo-program as, “Operation Idle Iron.”

Many fishermen in the Gulf have been complaining about this government operation.  They report seeing dead fish floating in the waters near a just-demolished rig, but the media generally ignores their claims.  However someone with a video camera decided to capture a demolition in action and presented their find to WPMI-TV, Channel 15, in Mobile, Alabama.  The video reveals that, following the KABOOM, thousands of dead snapper are seen floating on the water’s surface.

“Good Lord,” marine scientist Dr. Bob Shipp told the television station after seeing video. “As a scientist, I think it’s abominable.”

Shipp sits on the Gulf Fisheries Management Council and has been a strong opponent of the demolitions.

“It’s a double whammy,” Shipp said, “Not only are we killing a lot of snapper, but we’re also destroying their habitat.”

The killing of the red snapper is also infuriating charter boat captains and anglers. Federal restrictions keep cutting the red snapper season shorter and quotas smaller to protect the species from over-fishing.

“They tell us not to fish [red snapper] but they’re blowing them up,” charter boat Captain Jason Domange told Channel 15, “It’s a cryin’ shame.”

The confidential source who provided the video estimated 10,000 pounds of fish, mostly red snapper, were killed after that one demolition

”That’s a year’s salary for a lot of people and that’s just going to waste,” Domange said.

Dr. Shipp said the killing of red snapper has both environmental and economical ramifications.

Snapper is one of the most valuable fish species in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s fish that brings in a lot of tourism, and is valuable to the food industry.

Before Domange was a charter boat captain, he worked on oil and gas rigs and has seen plenty of demolitions and subsequent fish kills. He told WPMI that the kills are usually supposes to remain, “Hush, hush, unsaid, and unseen.”

This issue is not going unnoticed by some right-minded members of Congress.  They’re trying to get Team Obama to curtail Operation Idle Iron immediately.  The problem is Obama is a strident, radical environmentalist, as illustrated in his handpicked Science and Technology advisor, John Holdren.  Holdren once said, “We must de-develop North America.”

Unless Congress is able to act, stopping Operation Idle Iron will be like trying to halt a liberal from overspending.

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One Response to “ “Fishing with Dynamite”

  1. Will Holden says:

    I have lost all respect for the environmental movement. They are a bunch of commies who have a hatred of all things related to capitalism. The oil rigs create a structure to allow a natural reef to develop. The OBummer admin is killing thousands of fish by blowing up the rigs. Where the hell is PETA to cry over the dead fish. It’s ok to kill snapper with explosives but wrong to catch them for sport or food? These “BIG ACTIVISTS” are the folks who use a roll of toilet paper twice to save the earth. If G Bush was president there would be protests everywhere about it. Why are their no demands for investigations about gas prices. If a repub was in office all hell would break loose. The dems would be up in arms over it. Environmentalist = mentally ill.

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