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Gore’s Paranoia Grows

My friends at CNS NEWS have tipped us off to a speech made by  the crowned prince of the environmental movement, Al Gore.  According to Gore, democracy in the U.S. is being undermined by American politicians appeasing special interest groups in return for campaign funding rather than trying to stop global warming, Al Gore told a conference in Scotland.

Says the BBC, Gore staffers blocked broadcast media access to Wednesday’s speech. But British journalists quoted from the address to the Scottish government-sponsored Low Carbon Investment Conference in Edinburgh.

The BBC said Gore’s speech included “a strong attack on the effect of lobbying and money-raising on the U.S. Congress, and on carbon producers who he said employ four Washington lobbyists for every member of Congress.”

“In the language of computer culture, our democracy has been hacked,” the Guardian quoted him as telling the audience, which included Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

Citing flooding in Pakistan, China and elsewhere, Gore argued that extreme weather patterns were directly attributable to climate change, and that scientists overwhelmingly backed that viewpoint.

“Every single national academy of science of every major country on earth agrees with the consensus,” Gore was quoted as saying, adding that those institutions were all telling governments that “the need for urgent action is now indisputable.”

No, Al.  It’s not democracy that has been hacked.  You have cracked.  As I detail in my book, Climategate, thousands and thousands of scientists with Ph.D.’s have signed petitions illustrating their denial of human-caused global warming.  You’re pinched because your efforts to use global warming as a ploy to push a socialist agenda, while at the same time lining your personal pockets with greenbacks, is getting trashed by the truth.

Oh, and my next book?  It will  be the most damning expose ever written about you, Albert.  I’ve got lots of never-before-published “stuff” on you (Eco-Tyranny, coming in April).

It’s time for Gore to face climate-reality.  As CNS News rationally notes:

In his speech, Gore referred among other things to recent flooding in Pakistan, where an estimated five million people have been affected, especially in the southern Sindh province.

Pakistani government and meteorological department statistics for river discharges during the monsoon season (July-September) show flooding has occurred frequently, including in 1950, 1956, 1976, 1977, 1986, 1988, 1992, 1994, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

The deadliest flooding on record occurred in 1950, when almost 3,000 lives were lost, followed by the 2010 floods, which cost up to 2,000 lives. Around 1,800 people died during the 1992 monsoon.

Pakistan’s Indus River runs from the Himalayas through Kashmir and Pakistan before emptying into the Arabian Sea. Some 100 million people live in the fertile Indus Valley, and many are at risk when heavier-than-usual rains dump huge amounts of additional water into the Indus.

Experts point out that the Indus is also more prone to flooding than many rivers because it carries significant quantities of sediment, causing waterways to silt up and embankments to breach. With large amounts of water diverted by farmers for irrigation, the remaining water is even less able to cope with the sediment than would otherwise be the case.

Some scientists and meteorologists attribute heavier rains in South Asia, among other things, to higher than usual temperatures in the Indian Ocean, unusual behavior in the jet stream – a high-altitude, fast-moving air current that affects weather patterns – and a shift from an El Nina, the warming Pacific Ocean pattern, to a cooling La Nina.

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