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Holding Trump’s Feet to the Fire

Donald Trump was elected president with some tough talk regarding his skepticism of man-made climate change.  Tom Harris, at the Washington Times, urges us to look north and hold Trump’s feet to the fire:

Americans should look north for an illustration of what is likely to happen if climate realists do not hold Mr. Trump’s feet to the fire.

Before first winning in 2006, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised to get to the bottom of the climate change file. In a 2002 fundraising letter for the now-defunct Canadian Alliance, Mr. Harper called the U.N. climate process “a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations.”

Yet Mr. Harper changed sides on climate change soon after being elected. In an attempt to appease activists and the media, and in the absence of significant pressure from realists, he supported U.N. negotiations to “stop dangerous climate change.” He made greenhouse gas reduction pledges Canada had no chance of keeping without destroying its economy, wasting billions of dollars in the process.

Climate realists must strongly support Mr. Trump’s skepticism, providing him with the tools he needs to justify and maintain his current position, or they risk the sort of defection to alarmism that occurred with Mr. Harper and both President Bushes. In particular, they need to convince the president-elect to make full use of reports such as those of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change, which demonstrate that much of what Mr. Obama has been telling the American people about climate science is simply wrong.

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One Response to “ “Holding Trump’s Feet to the Fire”

  1. Ray Smyth says:

    Good article. I do hope that Trump doesn’t turn on his view that all the climate change dogma is a fraud. The climate has always been changing. It never stopped and now is no time to wish it will and fraudulently exploit irrational fears whipped into a frenzy by so-called scientists.

    Listen to Freeman Dyson. He’s a rock of sense and a REAL scientist.

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