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How They Attack Climategate? They whine, “Sussman lies” about the temperature.

…And my critics will focus on the first decade of the new millennium.

In the Chapter Three—“Rigged Record,”—I state:

However, since 1998, the temperature record—even by NASA’s often biased standards—has been relatively flat, with a notable downward trend commencing in 2007.

Similarly, in the “Epilogue” I note:

Since 1998, there has been no warming of the earth’s atmosphere, and there has been an undeniable global cooling of at least one-third of a degree Fahrenheit (.2 Celsius) since 2007.[1]

The global whiners will attempt to cast me as a liar by claiming 2009 was the second hottest year ever, and the past decade was the hottest ever.

In both cases their allegations are flat out wrong.

As I detail in the book, the primary arbiter of global temperature is NASA’s Jim Hansen.  Hansen is a well-known, left wing political hack (I’m much kinder to him in the book—I refer to him as the “Wizard”).  Hansen has an agenda.  I believe his motives distort his ability to responsibly manage the earth’s temperature records.

Additionally, another temperature warden is Phil Jones from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. Phil is one of the stooges who were busted with the damning leaked emails illustrating a clear climate cover-up.

Hansen and Jones hold to a progressive, liberal worldview.  Based on everything I have ever read about these two, they are antidevelopment, hardcore environmentalists who are simpatico with Al Gore’s claim that the earth has a fever.  One would think there might be some conflict of interest issues with these guys managing the world’s temperature record, but officially there is not.  As I describe at length in the book: for guys like Hansen and Jones, global warming has to be real because the acquisition of indescribable amounts of money and authority are at stake for so many.

2009 Hot? Depends Who’s Counting

Now, on to the temperatures. Over the past decade there have been some warm years.  I note in Climategate that 2006 was the 4th hottest year since 1880; 2001 the 13th; 2007 the 14th; and 2005 the 16th.  According to NASA’s Jim Hansen, 2009 was the second warmest, while the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) has reported 2009 was the fifth warmest.  Meantime, satellite data suggests 2009 was not even worthy of cracking the top 10.

So why the wild discrepancies—especially when—as I point out in the book—the most accurate temperature monitoring tool is the satellite?

Hansen and crew are screwing with the numbers.  My old friend Joe D’Aleo, who I met when he was the original Director of Meteorology for the Weather Channel, says it best. “NOAA and NASA are complicit in the misrepresentation or manipulation of data to support the supposed [global warming] consensus…Global temperatures peaked in late 1990s, leveled off, and have been declining since 2001. All four official databases – NOAA, Hadley CRU, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAH), and Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) – confirm the decline.”

In fact, in an interview with the U.K.’s February 14th edition of the Daily Mail, Phil Jones admitted that over the past 15 years there has been no “statistically significant” warming.

When I completed Climategate, in January 2010, I recognized that there had been a significant spike in global average temperatures during the last several months of 2009, but I also believed the bump was due to warmer sea-surface temperatures (SST), driven by a very robust El Nino current.  So as far as I was concerned, 2009 was not gonna break any heat records.  In fact, as I was making my final edits, even records at the NCDC were suggesting that all regions of the United States were averaging slightly cooler than normal— except for the Southwest and Florida.

Dirt + Water = Mud

Then in January 2010, the red-hot press release from NOAA was issued, declaring 2009 the second warmest year on record.  But notice the differentiation between land and sea temperatures:

The combined global land and ocean surface temperature for December 2009 was the eighth warmest December on record since records began in 1880…The December 2009 worldwide ocean SST ranked as the second warmest—behind 1997— on record, 0.54°C (0.97°F) above the 20th century average of 15.7°C (60.4°F)…Meanwhile, the worldwide land surface temperature tied with 1915 as the 31st warmest December on record.

Do you see the game that’s being played here?  These wizards of fraud are taking land temperatures, purposefully mixing them with SSTs in their cauldron of propaganda, and brewing up a muddy global warming stew. The global temperature record for 2009 was tweaked upward because of the reliance of sea-surface temperatures which were unusually warm due to—as I mentioned—a very strong El Nino.

It gets even worse. In July 2009, the almighty satellite data was removed from being included in determining the average global temperature by NOAA after complaints of a cold bias in the southern hemisphere.  The immediate result was a sharp increase in global temperature.  This allowed the government apparatchiks to proclaim that July and August 2009 possessed the warmest water temperatures on record, with a jump of about 0.24C. This added 0.15C to global mean temperatures.

The entire temperature record is in the process of being wrecked by Hansen, et al.  An excellent report on this was prepared Joe D’Aleo and my pal Anthony Watts of

What these men note is a bastardization of science.  Allow me to summarize:

  • NASA and NOAA (a.k.a. “the federal government”) are now inputting less (not more) temperature reporting stations in determining the global average (they used date from nearly 6,000 stations in 1970, and rely on about 1,500 today).
  • Among reporting stations omitted are those in higher latitudes, higher elevations and rural locations (away from the artificial warming found in cities).
  • The feds are “correcting” temperatures from older records downward, to create the impression of a current warming trend.
  • They are not properly compensating for urban growth and land-use changes that can produce localized warming known as the urban heat island effect.  The feds are essentially cherry-picking thermometers from reporting stations sited at busy airports and other artificially warm locales.
  • NOAA collects now data from only 35 sites in Canada, down from 600 in the 1970s.
  • After 1990, NOAA tripled the number of Canadian reporting stations at lower elevations while reducing by half the number at elevations above 300 feet.
  • Globally, reporting stations in the Andes and Bolivia have been omitted from the record.
  • Only 25 percent of Russia’s reporting stations are now included in the global temperature calculations.

With all that said, I stand by my remarks in Climategate: since 1998 there has been no significant warming.  In 2007, 2008, and the first half of 2009 there was a slight cooling.

And The Hottest Decade Ever?

Without question the hottest decade ever remains the 1930s—as in the “dust bowl.”  I write extensively about it in the book.  In fact nearly half of the states in our Republic scored their highest temperature ever recorded during that blazing decade.

Got a problem with that?  Tell Al Gore. I’d love to debate him.

[1] Based on “UAH Globally Averaged Satellite-Based Temperature of the Lower Atmosphere, 1979-June 2009,”

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7 Responses to “ “How They Attack Climategate? They whine, “Sussman lies” about the temperature.”

  1. Scott says:

    So even though 99% of all climatologists say that there is 100% certainty that man-made global warming is occurring, you are not only saying that the probablility is less than 100%, but that it is 100% certain that it is NOT warming due to anthropogenic causes?

  2. Read the book. In doing so you will discover that there are many high profile climate scientists who disagree with the theory of manmade global warming (including co-recipients of Al Gore’s Nobel Prize).

    And yes, I am 100% certain that the theory of anthropogenic global warming should be tossed into the ash heap of failed theories–perhaps right next to Ptolemy’s (again, read the book).

  3. Walter Terehoff says:

    How about ENMOD – environmental modification by the military. it’s worse than global warming issue ( which suppose it’s a HOAX )hahaha.
    ENMOD is climate control and modification, ie: all the FREEZING going on all over U.S.A is because of interference to control weather.

  4. Pharmer says:

    Heard you last light on Coast To Coast with George Noory. FABULOUS! Can’t wait to get CLIMATEGATE. I became a sceptic about the same time as you, Brian. I have always seen Al Gore and the people leading this embracing the phrase “He who controls carbon, controls the world”. AGW supporters aften forget their science on global warming is just a theory, and a fatally flawed one at that. Hopefully objectivism and true science will prevail in the end.

  5. Jonathan says:

    The 1930’s were the hottest decade for the American land area ONLY. Since America makes up only 2% of the surface area of the Earth, it is dishonest to claim that the temperatures of America represent the temperatures for the entire Earth. You are in effect doing exactly what you accuse NASA and NOAA of doing, looking at less data.

    Also, the fact is that water has a higher specific heat than air, so it will naturally hold more of the heat. Any good measure of the temperature of the Earth must include the oceanic temperatures as well as air temperatures. So the fact that oceanic temperatures were used in the data does not imply a conspiracy, especially since later you claim that conspiracy is demonstrated by using less data, that is not what they did in using oceanic data, so that argument falls flat.

    Why don’t you look at

  6. Michael Clarke says:

    Brian, just got finished reading the book, now I will read it again. Thank you. As I was finishing however a thought came to mind.
    Perhaps Mr. Gore is today’s version of L Ron Hubbard.

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