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How Will They Attack Climategate? They’ll say, “You’re only a TV Meteorologist.”

Recently another newspaper reporter tried to discredit Climategate by claiming I was unqualified to write the book because I did not have an advanced degree in “climate science.”

“You were just a TV Meteorologist,” the reporter whined.

I quickly responded, “That’s as ridiculous as claiming you can’t really understand the Constitution unless you’re a Constitutional law professor.”  I continued by explaining all one needs to see through the global warming scam is a rudimentary understanding of science, a decent grasp of mathematics, respect for the scientific method, and the willingness to engage in a little research.  Together, those attributes will allow anyone to see that the theory of anthropogenic global warming is about as sturdy as a two-legged stool.

And then I chucked a big wrench into the works.

“And by the way, Al Gore, the primary spokesperson for manmade global warming—he barely made it through Harvard, and flunked out of divinity school. And what credentials does he have to make such bold climate predictions?”

“Well,” the reporter replied, “Al Gore is certainly one of the spokespersons.”

“No,” I interjected. “Not one of—he is the spokesperson.  Gore has the Oscar, the Nobel, the millions of dollars. If you’re going to diminish my credentials, what about global warming’s poster boy?”

The interview soon concluded.

Here’s my point:  Climategate is an investigation into the fraud that is the environmental movement. This is a book that should have been written by the New York Times or the Washington Post.  I wrote it because I despise lies and deception.  I wrote it because this may be our last chance to stop leftist politicians and activists from inserting the desires of the United Nation’s into the laws of the United States.  What I do in Climategate is connect dots and pull no punches.

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3 Responses to “ “How Will They Attack Climategate? They’ll say, “You’re only a TV Meteorologist.””

  1. AMc says:

    But really – why aren’t more people asking about Al Gore’s credentials??

  2. Russell C says:

    Another question to ask is, what happens when increasing numbers of average citizens start to notice that a more convincing defense on the part of Al Gore / IPCC believers would be one where critics’ conclusions are disproved FIRST, followed by irrefutable proof that critics are corrupt / liars / ignorant / etc.

    Our AGW friends are putting all their eggs in one “smear the critics” basket, what will their fallback position be when they can’t prove their allegations?

  3. Mark says:

    Your credentials are more important in this scenerio because you are attempting to go against the scientific consensus. On the other hand, Gore goes with the consensus (whether or not you believe in the consensus is not relevant to whether it IS one). It would be akin to if I teach my class Newton/Einstein’s views on gravity vs if I just MAKE MY OWN. Which of the two scenerios would I need a higher level of education to be credible?

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