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I’m bored proving global warming’s a scam

On the one hand, it’s a big deal.  On the other hand, I say, “Big deal.”

Almost exactly two years since damning emails  were released from Great Britain’s University of East Anglia showing a pattern of deception and collusion between leftist scientists involved in spreading the climate change myth, a new batch of messages has emerged.  You can put your money on the fact that this latest confirmation of the global warming scam will get as little press coverage as the original Climategate scandal did in November 2009.

Of the some 5,000 new whoppers we read:

<3066> From Brian Thorne, a professor emeritus at East Anglia:
I also think the science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it which for all our sakes might not be too clever in the long run.

<2884> From Professor Tom Wigley of East Anglia, to Michael Mann, the guy who concocted the many-times-over debunked hockey stick graph used by Al Gore to sell global warming:
Mike, The Figure you sent is very deceptive…there have been a number of dishonest presentations of model results by individual authors and by IPCC…

<3373> From Professor R.S. Bradley of East Anglia:

I’m sure you agree–the Mann/Jones GRL paper was truly pathetic and should never have been published. I don’t want to be associated with that 2000 year “reconstruction”.

I could present you with, literally, thousands more, but why?  I wrote an entire book exposing the global warming scam.  I’m getting bored routinely proving that carbon dioxide emissions are not warming the planet.  It’s almost like presenting people with story after story of people getting killed by trying to defy the laws of gravity, in order to prove that gravity is real.

Human caused global warming is bull-bleep. So, let’s move onto the bigger story and answer more significant questions, like:

- Who began the environmental movement?
- What’s the goal of the movement?
- Why are people like those working at the University of East Anglia willing to lie, manipulate, and falsify data to further the goal of the movement?
- How have the American people been lied to by their own government, public and private schools,  and religious institutions regarding the state of the environment?
-  What is the real reason America’s natural resources being kept from harvest?
- Why is the Obama administration planning on purchasing  more federal land from private individuals?
- What is the real motivation for high-speed rail, altering urban zoning laws, tearing down dams, installing Smart Meters, and erecting a new Smart Grid?
- Who is behind all of this, and what do they plan to get out of it?

These are the real questions.  And they will all be answered in my ground-breaking book, Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda Will Dismantle America. The book will be in stores in April.  It will be the most comprehensive expose’ of the environmental movement ever.  The left will hate it because I will rip off their masks.  There will be no rebuttal.  My research is overwhelming. There are over 500 citations in the book.  The green agenda must be stopped, and this book will provide Americans with the information to do just that.

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5 Responses to “ “I’m bored proving global warming’s a scam”

  1. Hunter Paalman says:

    Brian, have you seen this piece by McKitrick…

    … nibble by nibble till their ’cause’ crumbles.

  2. Mike Carrington says:

    What makes you an expert on this subject? What are your qualifications? I have heard much about this, but just like politics, there’s little fact to what can be proven or disproved. How does a meteorologist trump world-renowned scientists? What does it matter what’s causing what? The evidence is happening around us every day. How do you dismiss the catastrophic events that are happening in present day?

  3. Teena says:

    Hi buddy, your blogs model is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog content articles are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets!!!

  4. David Snyder says:

    Well done.
    The Republicans are without excuse armed with Liberty and Tyranny, Ameritopia, Climategate and soon Eco-Tyranny. Sounds like you are taking no prisoners with Eco-Tyranny.

    The Federal eco-police must be discredited defeated, de-funded and sent packing with Obama. The next administration must declare North American Energy Independence in 10 years or less. Oil, gas, coal, nuclear, hydro ahead full speed, new refineries and an explosive economy. Your books are now essential to defending a free-market economy and North American strategic defense. Somebody wake-up Boehner, and McConnell.

  5. Brian Sussman says:

    Congratulations. You’re a stalwart idiot, and a proud one too. Sorry for insulting you, but I know its impossible to prove to the stubborn resisters that climate change is real. Possibly when you’re old or dead and my life is in its prime, and when nothing has been done to protect the Earth (likely industry will only increase), then perhaps you can look around at the condition of the world and say: “Oh. My bad.” Or maybe you won’t. I advise you to take a hint from the millions of people protesting, not all “leftists with agendas”, and from the numerous car and energy companies that are converting to electric or hybrid cars and alternative energy sources. Hopefully this will help you (I doubt it) become less outspoken against a serious problem.
    Again, I don’t mean to simply blatantly offend, I offend with purpose.

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