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Kerry: Climate Change Enemy #1

He could have easily represented the United States at the anti-radical Islam unity march in France, but instead Secretary of State John Kerry landed in India Sunday to get ready for several days of meetings with India’s Prime Minister to discuss…?

Climate change.

Kerry’s Indian trip will lay the groundwork for President Obama’s visit to India for its Republic Day celebrations on Jan. 26,  where Obama will announce progress on talks related to global warming.

In his remarks to the media Monday, Kerry once again popped off about the biggest threat to the world being, not radical Islam, but the climate, warning that global warming threatens economic opportunities.

“Global climate change is already violently affecting communities, not just across India but around the world,” he said. “It is disrupting commerce, development and economic growth. It’s costing farmers crops. It’s costing insurance companies unbelievable payouts. It’s raising the cost of doing business. And, believe me, if it continues down the current trend line, we will see climate refugees, fighting each other for water and seeking food and new opportunities.”

We just endured a slaughter in France.  ISIS is making threats toward the west.  Senator Diane Feinstein says sleeper cells are in the US.  Islamists are enslaving children in Africa.  John Kerry once again proves that ideology trumps the truth when it comes to pushing the green agenda.

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  1. John says:

    Maybe Kerry can get James Taylor to sign to the sun?

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