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Louisiana Floods: Not Global Warming

Virtually every extreme weather event is taken to the bank by Al Gore and Company as “proof” of global warming and climate change. Now it’s the massive flooding in Louisiana.

My friend Marc Morano has an excellent article up his website, written by Professor Roger Pielke from the University of Colorado. Here are a few excerpts:

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr., a Professor in the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Colorado and a Fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), slammed the linkage of global warming to the recent Louisiana floods and other types of extreme weather. (See: Bill Nye: Climate change is reason for Louisiana floods)

“Flood disasters are sharply down. U.S. floods not increasing either,” Pielke Jr. declared on August 23. Pielke rebuked New York Times columnist Paul Krugman for linking floods to climate change. Krugman blamed “climate change” for ‘a proliferation of disasters like the one in Louisiana.’

“How does Krugman get away with this?” Pielke asked.

“Floods suck when they occur. The good news is U.S. flood damage is sharply down over 70 years,” Pielke explained.

In a message aimed at climate activists and many in the media, Pielke cautioned: “Remember, disasters can happen any time and they suck. But it is also good to understand long-term trends based on data, not hype.”

“In my career I’ve seen the arguments go from: 1- ‘Drought increasing globally’ — To — 2- ‘OK, not globally, but look at THIS one drought.’ I’ll stick with the UN IPCC and the USGCRP (U.S. Global Change Research Program) consensus rather than selected studies. Both of those agree there is no global or U.S. trend though literature is diverse,” Pielke wrote.

Extreme weather is NOT getting worse

Pielke also pointed to the hard scientific data that shows other types of extreme weather are not getting worse and may in fact be improving.

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One Response to “ “Louisiana Floods: Not Global Warming”

  1. Thomas Dorsch says:

    It’s troubling to see lemmings led by the hype. Science “figureheads” paid by the media create whatever the media would like. Plus it’s laughable to think that if we change a few things we can steer our weather and climate. Man is but a speck in the universe. We may have made our habitat toxic. But to tell people we can turn it around is just irresponsible. Stopping the madness of open pollution is wonderful. We should had never been doing that. We must just learn from our mistakes and move forward in a responsible manner. Sadly, if just the US chooses to make drastic changes as suggested by those doing government funded studies, we are just 4% of the global population. Climate has been a forever changing situation that man will “never” be able to control. Thirty years ago people didn’t have live coverage of ever disaster in the world… however they did all happened with little to no coverage. We are alerted to every minor snippet of climate news and our media labels it as global warming because it sells. It had been laughably said that Al Gore should be arrested for inciting riot. The people on both sides of this will be long dead when the truth is known. I’m tired of paid media professional speakers and government funded studies to substantiate hype. Nobody speaks to this side of the scientific community because it’s not popular. Seeking the truth is difficult, getting others to believe, even more so.

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