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It is a Commie Plot

My critics are speechless.

At last week’s International Climate Change Conference, sponsored by the Heartland Institute in Chicago, I asked Czech President Vaclav Klaus a question that caused leftist journalists covering the event to bristle:

“For a long time socialists and communists have embraced phony environmental crisis.  Given the fact that your wonderful country was decimated by communism, I’m curious as to why you think socialists and communists tend to embrace these green issues?”

Dr. Klaus’ response was to the straight to the point:

“Those people who are fighting for global warming…are really not interested in temperature and climate. They are really interested in organizing [the] human community according to their ideas, and in that respect [they are] identical with communists—identical, not similar.”

The President’s remarks confirm what I contend in Eco-Tyranny: show me a leading eco-spokesperson and I’ll show you a person who has more in common with Marx, as opposed to Madison.

Following President Klaus’ speech, reporters, claiming to be astounded by my “rhetorically charged” question, assailed me.

Asked one reporter, “How can you make such a wild claim?”

“First of all,” I responded, “Did you listen to President Klaus’ answer to my question? He equated leading environmentalists with communists. Secondly, you need to read my book, because I reveal how the red underbelly of the green movement extends all the way back to Marx and Engels.”

That really caused the media members to bristle.

In a lengthy follow-up video interview with one well-known green blogger, I connected all the red dots, including:

  • The first perceived global environmental crisis (guano as fertilizer) was concocted by a close of friend of Karl Marx.
  • The first imagined climate crisis (global cooling) was dreamed up by Marx’s writing partner, Frederick Engels.
  • The term “ecology” was created by Ray Lankester—a disciple of Marx—to best blame humans for destroying nature.
  • How Lankester’s star student, Arthur Tansley—another human-hating ecologist—was quoted profusely by the woman the Department of Interior heralds as the “mother of the environmental movement,” Rachel Carson (author of Silent Spring).
  • How Rachel Carson regularly quoted many known socialists and communists as her scientific experts.

Now here’s the kicker: not one of the reporters interacting with me printed a single word of what I had to say.  It was too close to home.


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2 Responses to “ “It is a Commie Plot”

  1. FlagladyRoberta says:

    Keep speaking the TRUTH Brian.
    Good Job my Friend.

  2. Michael says:

    So basically, Brian, your defense was:

    A) Listen to what this man who is holds the same exact beliefs as I do has to say,


    B) You need to buy my book.

    Is that about right???

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