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Increasing CO2 with my BBQ Patriot Ribs!

Just in time for the holiday weekend!  These ribs are delicious, and easy to fix! Plus, they drive the environmentalists crazy as a barbecue–complete with billowing clouds of carbon dioxide–is required to finish these tasty treats off.  The last time I published this recipe I received excellent reviews from all over the world, including lots of folks in Texas and the Southern U.S.–that’s a huge compliment because those patriots know their barbecue.

Here’s the recipe:

Sussman’s World Famous Patriot Ribs

Cover both sides of the baby back ribs with BBQ rib rub of choice (I prefer Kirkland’s Sweet Mesquite BBQ Rub).  By the way, St. Louis pork ribs work just as well.  If you like to trim off the membrane that’s fine, but this recipe will make the final product tender-licious either way. I can’t guarantee this recipe for beef ribs.

Place ribs (meat side up) in ceramic or glass baking pan.

Pour Samuel Adam’s Cream Stout (or if you prefer, Guinness Stout—it’s more readily available) into pan, an inch deep.  DO NOT try this with anything other than dark beer.

Cover with aluminum foil. Let sit for an hour.

Preheat oven to 325.  Bake ribs (in the pan, with the beer, covered with the foil) for two and a half hours. Turn off heat. Let ribs remain in closed oven for another hour.

Braise ribs over hot BBQ grill. This is “show time;” all we’re doing here is putting some grill marks on the meat. I usually do about three minutes on the bone side, and then three on the meat side. While the bone side is up, I slather on my favorite BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Rays is a winner in my household).  When I turn the ribs over, I slather more sauce on the meat side. Make sure the meat side has some distinct grill marks—it looks and tastes much better.

Next, get those ribs off the grill and onto serving plate.  Make sure there is ample sauce covering every part of the meat.

One final note: place a roll of paper towels on the dinner table–you’ll need ‘em.

Enjoy, and God bless America!


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16 Responses to “ “Increasing CO2 with my BBQ Patriot Ribs!”

  1. Joe Pfahnl says:

    I don’t like ribs smothered in BBQ sauce; I’d rather have it on the side. Can I put them on the grill without sauce? I would think so.

  2. Russ says:

    Sus, I just did them tonight, they were GREAT!!! I couldn’t find either of the Sam Adam’s beers that you mentioned, so I used Negro Modelo, worked great. I’m usually not a store-bought BBQ sauce guy, but I got hooked on Baby Ray’s after doing the slather thing on these ribs (I used St. Louis). Anyway, good stuff. Glad I listened in to KSFO last week and heard you talking about them!

  3. Tim says:

    I have made these Patriot Ribs 4 different times now and I have been told that I make the best rids anyone has ever had. My father-in-law who travels to the midwest all the time and has eatin BBQ almost weekly told me that he has never had better rids. So I want to say thanks for these Patriot Ribs! Suss you are the Man!!!

  4. Jeff Dunning says:

    I have been a fan of these from the beginning…thanks. Love the show; are the bambi gaps available on tape or? so they can be used against my lib enemies?

  5. Raymond says:

    Thanks Brian, my family never had better ribs! We used Guiness Draught and metal pans, but the meat fell from the bone and tasted so delicious. May our Independence reign over the forces of statists and government tyranny!

  6. Mark Mathews says:

    I took my family up to a cabin at the Edgewater Resort at Clear Lake from the 4th to the 6th, barbequing on both nights; Mmm, mmm, mmm; the cooked animal flesh was superb! We ran the two air conditioning units in our cabin non-stop the entire stay! To top it off, my two Beagles did their very best to emit the most methane they could, for their sizes. Very, VERY proud of the carbon footprint my family created, while celebrating our independence from the Crown of England!

  7. Scott Jones says:

    Okay. I Hinted and waited….BIG TIME, for family interest and assistance in trying this.
    Then I thought, Well, I can do it myself.
    Now? How can I say this?
    I can BARBEQUE RIBS!!!!
    And they’re DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I even impressed MYSELF along with the rest of the family!
    That’s a KEEPER recipe for SURE!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!

  8. Big John says:

    I’m going to try your recipe this weekend ( labor day and my birthday)
    I’ve been told I do a pretty good job myself but willing to try new
    recipe. As far as one of your bloggers comments go July 8th( Mark Mathews) if his beagles emit anything and i stepped in it, I would shoot’em.

  9. Brad Smith says:

    Brian I met you at the Patrick Henry event, I was the guy that did the invocation. Question about the ribs: I like to use my electric smoker, how would I (where in the process) could I use my smoker to get them some smoky flavor?

  10. Ryan says:

    Can’t wait to try these!!!

  11. Ryan says:

    That was my first time making ribs and they were awesome!! Thanks for the recipe!

  12. They’re in the oven. Just turned it off – question – when do you remove the ‘beer’? I guess I’ll leave the beer in while they sit with oven off. Can’t wait – will let you know how they turn out!!

  13. OH…….MY…….YUMMY TUMMY!!! Those were AMAZING! Thanks Brian!!

  14. Gary Van Tassel says:

    Brian, After having heard you for the past few years on the radio and hearing you speak of how good these are, I’m gonna try them this weekend. We have friends from the south end of the left coast visiting and I’m hoping to make a splash. Keep up the good work you are doing both on and off air. A loyal listener am I.

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