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From The Houston Community Newspaper Group, November, 2010

Climategate is thorough, knowledgeable, timely, and very well written. I have been reading about global warming for 20 years, yet this book included important information and details that were new to me.  Read More…

From The Canada Free Press, April 13, 2010

“Climategate” is the best book to date about this massive fraud, those who have lined their pockets advancing it, and the political agenda behind it; masterminded out of the bowels of the United Nations.  Read the entire review…

From World Net Daily, April 12, 2010

In the original scandal that spawned the name Climategate, the hacked e-mails of Phil Jones, head of the Climate Research Unit in Norwich, England, and others uncovered schemes to employ “tricks” with warming trends, squelch skeptics and defame journals that published them.

But Sussman reveals that Jones’ work at the University of East Anglia wasn’t alone in its apparent manipulation of research. He charges that James Hansen, director at NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, has treated his position as “activist-scientist.” Read more…

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