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Obama’s Climate Plan Long in the Making

The New York Times reported today that the Obama administration is preparing to include the United States in a sweeping climate change agreement concocted by the United Nations–without the approval of Congress.

The deal would be signed at the 2015 UN summit in Paris and would force the US and other wealthy nations to drastically (and unrealistically) cut carbon dioxide emissions or pay steep fines.  Money collected through the penalties would be given to Third World nations, supposedly to help them fight climate change.

By law the only way a UN treaty may be ratified is with a two-thirds approval by the Senate. Obama will sidestep this requirement by personally signing the treaty and then advancing climate policy through EPA regulations, executive order, and by pressuring Congress to compromise.

This is nothing more than a wealth redistribution scheme Obama has been dreaming of since he was a Senator. In fact I describe it beginning on page 155 of Climategate:

Our first unmistakable sign of Obama’s aspirations to carry water for the U.N. occurred while he was on the campaign trail.  Totally unreported by the mainstream media, in July 2008 Senator Obama co-sponsored Senate Bill 2433—the Global Poverty Act.  Reading from the Congressional Record, the act:

“Directs the President, through the Secretary of State, to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further the U.S. foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal… [by] 2015.”

The United Nations Millennium Development Goal, enacted in 2000, promises to “eradicate poverty” and “integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes”[1], and to “develop further an open, rule-based, predictable, non-discriminatory trading and financial system”[2]

In keeping with this UN plan, Obama’s 2008 Global Poverty Act dreams of,

…mobilizing and leveraging the participation of businesses and public-private partnerships; coordinating the goal of poverty reduction with other internationally recognized Millennium Development Goals; [and] integrating principles of sustainable development and entrepreneurship into policies and programs.[1]

Now check out this press release from Senator Obama at the time he was trying to pass this failed piece of legislation:

In 2000, the U.S. joined more than 180 countries at the United Nations Millennium Summit and vowed to reduce global poverty by 2015. We are halfway towards this deadline, and it is time the United States makes it a priority of our foreign policy to meet this goal and help those who are struggling day to day.[1]

Interestingly, Achim Steiner, who heads the U.N. Environmental Program (UNEP), shared with world leaders at the 2009 G-20 summit in London, a report from his office suggesting that donations of just 1% of a country’s gross domestic product could bankroll a “Global Green New Deal” to the coincidental tune of about $750 billion annually.  He even floated the option of taxing the oil consumption of rich nations  to fund the transfer of wealth scheme.  “If, for argument’s sake”, he said, “you were to put a five year levy in OECD countries of $5 a barrel, you would generate $100 billion per annum.”  Minimizing the outlay, he snobbishly added, “It translates to roughly 3 cents per liter.”[1]

The American arm of the Global Green Deal was revealed in the massive 932 page global warming bill introduced by Congressmen Henry Waxman from southern California and Ed Markey from Massachussetts in May, 2009.  So worried that their cover would be blown, the two Democrats didn’t even give H.R. 2454 a name, and  it reads like a U. N. resolution.

I may have been one of the few in America who actually read the bill.  Buried in Section 432 is the “Energy Refund Program For Low Income Consumers.”  This portion of the bill enables those having an income of  up to 150 percent of the poverty  level (about $30,000) to be eligible for a yet to be determined “energy refund” which will be “provided in monthly installments via direct deposit into the eligible household’s designated bank account.”

2015 is coming and Obama desires to abuse his executive power to enact a scheme that’s been in his heart for a long time.

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  1. Jeffrey Nelson says:

    Hello Brian,

    Thank you for posting this. It is amazing how bold President BOB has become. Now he blatantly advertises the fact that is planning on going around Congress to get this piece of garbage UN legislation signed. When is this guy going to be impeached?

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