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Global Warming on long term pause?

The following is an article from the Daily Mail (UK). It’s certainly no surprise to those of us who have,  for years, been honestly observing the data in an open search for the truth. The 17-year pause in global warming is likely to last into the 2030s and the Arctic sea ice has already started to recover, according to new research. A paper in the peer-reviewed journal Climate Dynamics – by Professor Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Dr Marcia Wyatt – amounts to a stunning challenge to climate science orthodoxy. Not only does it explain the unexpected pause, it...
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U.S. Spends More on Global Warming Than Border Security

What concerns you more: drug runners, human traffickers, gang members, and Islamo-terrorists coming into our country illegally or global warming? Turns out the federal government believes global warming is the greater concern. Here’s the story from Michael Bastasch of the Daily Caller: New estimates show the federal government will spend nearly twice as much fighting global warming this year than on U.S. border security. The White House reported to House Republicans that there are 18 federal agencies engaged in global warming activities in 2013, funding a wide range of programs, including...
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My Final Post

You are reading what likely will be my final post on the Climategate website.  While I will continue to publish the work of others committed to battling the eco-tyrannists here, I have have been struck with a change of purpose as I will explain. But first a brief stroll down memory lane. I left a lucrative television meteorologist position with the CBS station in San Francisco (KPIX) in early 2001. I was in the middle of a secure contract, making nearly a half million dollars a year, and was “living the dream” when I approached my boss asking to be released from my contract. My wife and I...
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CO2 Increase Not Wreaking Havoc

The greens continue to shout that since carbon dioxide (CO2) has reached 400ppm (parts per million) we’re doomed (even though in bygone eras CO2 levels were 6-12 times what they are today). Nonetheless the earth seems to be responding favorably to the recent increase in this variable gas. Note: We’re experiencing the coldest summer on record at the North Pole. Right now the Arctic sea ice is the most expansive we seen in August since 2006. There is currently a record high August Antarctic ice extent. There have been no major hurricane strikes for eight years. Four of the five snowiest northern...
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Global Warming Virtually Zero

In his climate change speech today President Obama angrily blasted global warming skeptics saying he lacked “patience for anyone who denies that this problem is real.” Tell that to a famed German climate scientist, Hans von Storch. In an interview with  Spiegel Online, Storch said that despite predictions of a warming planet the temperature data for the past 15 years shows an increase “very close to zero.” Storch admits, “In fact, the increase over the last 15 years was just 0.06 degrees Celsius (0.11 degrees Fahrenheit) – a value very close to zero.” Spiegel asked Storch, a professor...
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Busting the 97% Myth

I get soooo tired of hearing about how 97 percent of all climate scientists believe humans are responsible for global warming due to their insatiable addiction to fossil fuels as well as other anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide generation. My friend Jim Lakely, of the Heartland Institute, has probably put together the best summary to bust this myth, so I’ll let him do the talking: One of the most commonly cited studies of the “97 percent” was conducted by a University of Illinois professor and a graduate student who asked the following questions to 10,257 Earth scientists working for...
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Meat, Fire, and America: My Patriot Ribs

New and Improved: Sussman’s World Famous Patriot Ribs Thanks to suggestions from my son, the professional chef, I’ve made a few alterations to this world-famous dish! Cover both sides of the baby back ribs with BBQ rib rub of choice (I prefer Kirkland’s Sweet Mesquite BBQ Rub, but if you have a favorite use it!).  By the way, St. Louis pork ribs work just as well as the baby backs.  If you want to trim off the membrane that’s fine, but this recipe will make the final product tender-licious either way. I cannot guarantee this recipe for beef ribs. Place ribs (meat side up) in a ceramic...
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Obama Admin: Global Warming Top Threat

As threats from North Korea continue to make headlines, Secretary of State John Kerry says human-caused global warming is a top international security threat. Kerry made the outlandish claim while visiting South Korea, Tokyo, and Beijing on his first major mission as Obama’s chief foreign diplomat. “We are seeing the science of climate change come back to us now at a rate that is far faster and with far greater levels of damage than anything that scientists predicted 10, 15, 20 years ago,” Kerry stated during a speech in China. “Every prediction that has been made is coming true, but coming...
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Happy Earth Day, Comrade!

On this date in 1970, a trio of radical dreamers established the first Earth Day, an annual event designed to assault capitalism, free-markets and mankind. The initial concept was conceived by Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-WS).  Nelson was Congress’ leading environmentalist activist, a sort of pre-incarnate Senator Barbara Boxer in drag.  He was also the mastermind behind those ridiculous teach-ins which were vogue in the Sixties and early Seventies.  During the teach-ins, mutinous school instructors would scrap the day’s assigned curriculum, pressure their students to sit cross-legged on the floor,...
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Earth Hour: More Green Stupidity

For the past nine years a group of eco-idiots has talked millions of fools into turning off all their lights—at night—to celebrate the Earth Hour.  According to the event’s sponsor, the World Wildlife Fund, the goal is, “Uniting people to protect the planet” from human caused climate change. The World Wildlife Fund is an organization that deceptively uses phony ecological scares and junk science to assail property rights and capitalism. This year’s Earth Hour is at 8:30 local time, Saturday night.  According to the event’s coordinators millions of people from over 7,000 cities worldwide...
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Fishing with Dynamite

The only thing environmentalists like about the oil industry is that it provides their Prius hybrids with gasoline.  Other than that these nature nuts hate every aspect of the business sector they refer to as, “Big Oil.” Now here’s the story.  Out in the Gulf of Mexico there are hundreds of oilrigs that are no longer in service.  At the demand of environmentalists, laws have been created to remove the rigs, which are considered ecological hazards. Tell that to the sea life.  Underwater cameras have determined that old rigs become artificial reefs with rich coral habitats that are teeming with...
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Global warming idiots greeted by cold weather

Environmental activists gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Sunday for a climate change rally. The dopes putting this protest together should have checked the calendar. Mid-February usually brings some nasty winter weather to the nation’s capital. In fact, today’s weather in D.C. was the coldest this season, with wind chill temperatures diving into the teens. Hey, greenies: if you want better optics do a climate change rally from Al Jazeera’s headquarters in Qatar. I heard these oil tycoons just bought a U.S. TV outlet from the Grand Poobah of global warming, Al...
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