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Professor: climate change and Holocaust deniers same

A professor teaching environmental studies at Brooklyn College of CUNY has associated deniers of anthropogenic climate change with Holocaust deniers.  Even more disturbing, the professor is himself a Holocaust survivor.

Micha Tomkiewicz published a series of blogs on the official campus website, likening climate change to genocide.  “I don’t want my grandchildren to die in a climate change genocide that we could have helped head off because we were waiting for some unattainable certainty about climate change,” he writes.

Tomkiewicz is the author a 2011 book, Climate Change: The Fork at the End of Now. He is a childhood survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto and the German concentration camp Bergen-Belsen.

In his most recent blog, Tomkiewicz elaborates:

The Webster Dictionary defines genocide as “the deliberate and systematic destruction of racial, political or cultural groups.” There is no question that the Holocaust was a genocide. Genocides do not repeat themselves exactly. They come in different guises. Despite the deniers, it is straightforward to teach students to condemn the Holocaust, but it is more difficult to teach them how to prevent future genocides.  One of the most difficult parts is to see them coming. Despite the fact that Hitler published the first volume of his manifesto, Mein Kampf, in 1925, where he laid out his philosophy, he was, nevertheless, democratically elected as German Chancellor in 1933.  Few people believed in 1933 that he would seriously try to accomplish what he preached or anticipated the consequences that resulted from his actions.

Tomkiewicz claims not taking decisive action to mitigate climate change “over the next 70 years,” covering the lifespan of his grandchildren, “will result in doubling of greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions at these levels would result in major extinctions around the globe, with more than 40% of ecosystems destroyed.”

As one who has written extensively on this topic, I must state that professor Tomkiewicz is guilty of several gross categorical mistakes.

First, evidence for the Jewish Holocaust is overwhelming; such is hardly the case for human-caused climate change.  The anthropogenic global warming theory has more holes than a rack of donuts. That’s why it’s not a Law—like the Law of gravity.

Second, Holocaust denial is rooted in anti-Semitism, racism and hate.  Taking a contrary position on global warming and climate change is not the position of lunatics but of thousands of thoughtful people.

Third, the earth is a wonderful place and we can take better care of it, but not at the expense of truth or the forfeiture of the memory of six million souls.

Brian Sussman is an award-winning meteorologist and author of Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda Will Dismantle America.

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