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Record Summer Heat Wave?

This article is running in the upcoming edition of the Buffalo Gap (Texas) News:

I know in Texas it’s been hotter than two goats in a pepper patch, but out here on the left coast it’s been a very mild summer.  In fact throughout far West, Pacific Northwest, the Northern Rockies and the Northern Plains, it’s been a relatively cool summer.

My son plays football at one of your wonderful universities in Abilene (the one that boasts a Cowboy as it’s mascot) and he tells me they haven’t had a practice this summer where the temperature’s been much below 100.

Funny how the lame-stream media has been ignoring the intense heat experienced for months in Texas, but as soon as the Northeast began to sizzle in July they played it up like it was the Second Coming.

Yes, it was hot back east, but nothing that was really earth shattering.  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) during the big July heat wave that began on July 17 and continued through July 23, only 34 all-time maximum temperature records were set.  While some might think this number significant, allow me to provide some context: we keep daily records for over 6,000 locations in the United States and less than three-dozen new marks were established in a week.   That’s not much to talk about.

Of course for the human-caused global warming crowd the Eastern heat wave provided a great opportunity to cast man’s use of fossil fuels as the root of all evil.  The federal government also harnessed the event to justify spending more taxpayer money to stop climate change.  Disciples of Al Gore used the hot spell to raise money for a variety of supposed environmental crises.

As for the facts, keep this in mind: the weather has been much warmer.  The 1930s was our hottest decade.  Of our now 50 states 22 achieved their all-time hottest temperature during that 10-year period.  For example, Millsboro, Delaware hit 110 on July 21, 1930; Keokuk, Iowa reached 118 on July 21, 2931; and Seymour, Texas climbed to 120 on August 12, 1936.

Those are the inconvenient truths.

As for the Texas heat, it may continue a few more weeks but it’s nothing that can’t be appeased with a glass of sweet tea and a dose of A/C.

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3 Responses to “ “Record Summer Heat Wave?”

  1. Scott says:

    Hey Weatherman! It was 10 degrees below normal in my backyard yesterday AND I found a scrawled note in a bottle in my basement saying it was 115 degrees on ONE day during the summer in 1932. I am now convinced that all the scientists, the Bush-Cheney administration, John McCain, and most of the oil companies are wrong and you and your Viking stories are right! Anthropogenically induced global warming IS a hoax!!!

  2. There has been an on-going discussion in the North County (San Diego) times in recent weeks about the global warming hysteria. Advocates have been bashing a columnist, (McIntosh) for being skeptical of the “science”, as well as the solution of the alleged problem (more wealth re-distribution). in an opinion piece from June 28th, Peg Mitchell, of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby cites as evidence of global warming the Texas drought, and the spring torrential rains along the Missippi River. You would think that, with some critical thinking, it would be impossible for one phenomenon to be responsible for two events that are characterized by opposite extremes of the presence of the most abundant greenhouse gas, water vapor. Such is the sophistry behind the thinking of these alarmists. Richard in Temecula

  3. joe says:

    I’ve checked the record highs and lows listed at the site, occasionally, and there is NO consistent pattern to be drawn for modern or long ago consistent highs or lows. it is very random and scattered, which tells me the RISING TEMPS is BS! I’ve lived nearly 45 years and can remember hotter and colder summers and winters, varying, throughout the years. Cap and Trade is a PONZI SCHEME! and the progressive politicians are a bunch of lying crooks.

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