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Officially Releasing Climategate on Earth Day

We could have released Climategate March 1st, about the time that much of the United States was reeling from some of the worst winter storms in memory.  However, Earth Day was a much better choice.

Why? Well recently I spoke at a Tea Party gathering in the culturally diverse San Francisco Bay Area.  While briefly taking a moment to pitch Climategate, I asked, “If you’re from the former Soviet Union please raise your hand.”  Several people did. “Now, allow me to ask you wonderful immigrants a question.  When you think of April 22nd, what comes to mind?”

The question was an obvious set up.  I knew how these freedom loving people would respond.  One gentleman shouted, “It’s etched in my brain forever! April 22 is Vladimir Lenin’s birth date!”

“You are correct, my American brother,” I replied.  “And, April 22nd is always Earth Day.

The crowd of patriots stood in amazement, connecting the dots in their own minds.

“And it’s no coincidence, my friends,” I proclaimed.  “The birthdate of Lenin—the Russian communist revolutionary—was specifically chosen as the date to hold Earth Day.  The entire story is in Climategate.”

Once you read how Earth Day came into existence, you’ll make sure your kids are not present in school during this Marxist “holiday.”

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3 Responses to “ “Officially Releasing Climategate on Earth Day”

  1. Kelli S. says:

    I am looking forward to reading your book when it comes out. Thanks for your hard work and research that went into writing it.

  2. Earl Ault says:

    Brian, too bad they didn’t pick Leon Trotsky’s birthday, Mar 13. I’d have my copy of your book by now.

  3. Wayne H Dunlap says:

    Hey Brian!

    Thanks for finally getting this book out so the world can read the truth!

    I just moved from Santa Rosa to Roseville, CA — from Woolsey to McClintock! What a blessing!

    Thanks to my C Crane radio I can still get KSFO!.

    Great Job! —– Pastor Wayne.

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