CLIMATEGATE BOOK - Exposing the Global Warming Scam


  • “Sussman accurately exposes the bad science, faulty reasoning and subversive agendas of many climate change advocates.”

    -- Dr. Charlie Self, highly acclaimed historian

  • “In an entertaining and authoritative fashion, Sussman exposes the real motivations driving the environmental movement’s global warming agenda.”

    -- Tom Del Bacarro, Chairman, California Republican Party

  • “Brian’s important book comes along just in time to reveal exactly why this Big Lie was foisted on us to begin with – and what we can do to stop it cold.”

    -- Joseph Farah, CEO, World Net Daily

  • “Exposing the fraud, fantasy, and foolishness of oxygen-deprived environmentalists.”

    -- Lee Troxler, Author, former speechwriter to Ronald Reagan

  • “Very readable...entirely accurate, and should make a huge impact.”

    -- Dr. Fred Singer, Atmospheric Physicist, author Unstoppable Global Warming

  • “I am sure Climategate will make a significant difference in bringing this complete fraud to light.”

    -- Lord Christopher Monckton, former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

  • “Climategate is the best book to date about this massive fraud...”

    -- Alan Caruba, National Anxiety Center

  • “This is a must-read book.”

    -- Quinn and Rose, Nationally Syndicated Talk Hosts

  • “Climategate is not just about the climate--it\'s about exposing a psychology that is attempting to destroy our nation.”

    -- Winn Parker, Ph.D., Syndicated Radio Talk Host

  • “If you are worried about the direction our country is will definitely want to read this book.”

    -- Robert Felix, author, publisher

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