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See Al Gore’s Useful Idiots In Action

Al Gore came to Monterey, California for a speech, and Brian Sussman–along with 200 readers of his book, Climategate–assembled to welcome global warming’s poster boy.  To see the video and the useful idiots who follow Gore, click here.

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10 Responses to “ “See Al Gore’s Useful Idiots In Action”

  1. Ann says:

    I would like to know what I can do to help America see that Al Gore is an idiot and help stop this scam.

  2. John says:

    Ann… How about a class action lawsuit against algore…

  3. alff says:

    heard brian on coast2coast last nite,he stated that co2 was not a poison.try breathing it for a few minutes then bring ur argument back into discussion.u came off as a real gore and obama hater,typical for the party of hate. also,i didn’t hear gore’s useful idiots using duck calls and noisemakers,as ur useful idiots were. at least gore will go down in history as a v.p. of the u.s.,u’ll be lucky to be a footnote.

  4. Sir Knight MichaelP-k of C says:

    Al Gore, like Pelosi, Reid,Frank ,OPbama and Dodd, is a traitor to the US Constitution and should be jailed.

    Al’s breakup with Tipper is probably a scam to protect his$Millions in case his hoax causes him to be in court.

  5. Robert Sanders says:

    Alff, you said c02 is a poison, trying having the universe without co2 and see what would happen. And as for your comment on hate, that is all far-leftists do when confronted with logic is scream hate and racism. Is is hate to want our Constitution upheld? And not have our country ransacked by a bunch of thieves who have nothing but world domination and power on their minds? P.S They want to get their power with tax-payers money. How ironic is that? You talk about what somebody will go down in history as, what will you be, the hairy thing that microwaves cats? I think you need to cough up the hairballs, it’s cutting of your air supply to your brain.

  6. Scottar says:

    Well alff, it’s idiots like you who can’t construct whole sentences, much less spell, that exemplify Gore’s and Obama’s useful IDIOTS. And God hates idiots, history is full of examples.

  7. jubilee says:

    I think aiff is a stoner because—WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BREATHE IT–THE PLANTS DO AND GIVE US CLEANER AIR AND VEGETABLES–I LEARNED THAT IN 3RD GRADE ITS CALLED THE CIRCLE OF LIFE-but try telling that to these flaky boomer dudes and such–the’yre probably have their faces stapled full of holes, and their earlobes with 5lb gages because thats sooooo cool

  8. jubilee says:

    I mean alff—sorry, I got outta hand. May the LORD forgive me

  9. jubilee says:

    Yes indeed, GOD is trying to wake up the potheads when he let that bp oil rig blow in ‘420′. in the video, like I said they have their faces full of holes-(it hurts when people go beyond earlobe, and only women should have pierced ears) they have to get stoned and remain that way–they sound whiney (like get a life man) OH no—I did it again

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