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Sussman Debates Colmes on Fox

Brian Sussman was on Fox Business Channel  to debate Alan Colmes.  Actually it wasn’t a debate, it was an embarrassment for Colmes.

Now the George Soros funded Media Matters organization is attacking Fox for using Sussman as their expert.

By the way, Mr. Sussman is a weather expert.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Missouri, has accomplished nearly 100 semester hours of post-graduate atmospheric science course work, is a full-member of the American Meteorological Society, served on the AMS’s board of elementary education, and received a prestigious award from the National Education Association for his contribution to elementary science education.

Click here to see  Sussman on Fox Business channel and the debate with Alan Colmes.

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5 Responses to “ “Sussman Debates Colmes on Fox”

  1. Bruce Buckley says:

    Brian presented evidence that can be verified. Alan resorted to name calling and presented no verifiable evidence. Who are you going believe?

  2. Ed Watts says:

    Wow. Colmes came off as a bit of a fool. He reminded me of the “pre-wiener” Weiner with the name-calling and the petulance.

    His wife is pretty hot, though, so his life probably isn’t completely lousy…but you’d never know it from watching him debate.

  3. obbergton says:

    This is no surprise to me. Antis-who are virtually all white-love to throw that garbage at black women. Come MLK Day, we hear “Dr King wouldn’t want you to kill your baby!”. It’s beyond belief how completely tone-deaf they are. And black women don’t take kindly to being told how to live by old white men, believe me-nor should they.

  4. Roy Daiber says:

    I am still confused. Does Sussman really have an actual degree in meteorology or is it in communications? I can’t see where he has published any research about climate change in peer reviewed articles. I am reading his book and unfortunately, it starts right off claiming climate change research is a Marxist conspiracy, and doesn’t get any better.

  5. The truth can be offensive, Roy; however, as I prove, the entire environmental movement is built on a Marxist platform.

    In the meantime, my academic credentials are not pertinent in regards to the material covered in Eco-Tyranny, which is historical in nature.


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