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Was 2010 the Hottest Year Ever?

This article by Brian Sussman will be published  Thursday, January 27, at According to the world’s best-known climate change mouthpiece, 2010 was the hottest year on record. Wrong.  It’s yet another example of a political activist with a Ph.D. donning a magician’s cape to try pull one over on the audience. Last week NASA’s chief temperature trickster, James Hansen, issued a press release claiming, “Global surface temperatures in 2010 tied 2005 as the warmest on record.” Don’t mean to sound like the kid in the front row that informs the cheap magician of a playing card...
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How Will They Attack Climategate? They’ll say, “You’re only a TV Meteorologist.”

Recently another newspaper reporter tried to discredit Climategate by claiming I was unqualified to write the book because I did not have an advanced degree in “climate science.” “You were just a TV Meteorologist,” the reporter whined. I quickly responded, “That’s as ridiculous as claiming you can’t really understand the Constitution unless you’re a Constitutional law professor.”  I continued by explaining all one needs to see through the global warming scam is a rudimentary understanding of science, a decent grasp of mathematics, respect for the scientific method, and the...
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Another Global Warming Book?

No. Not another global warming book.  Climategate is unquestionably the first book of its kind. To begin with, unlike any other book on the subject, I wrote Climategate in the first person because it is the story of my years-long investigation into the environmental movement and the global warming scam. Second, whereas other books do possess some great information, at times they all can get rather heady.  In other words, they’re not page-turners.  Climategate is different because I am, first and foremost, a professional communicator.  For the twenty-some years I was broadcasting the weather on TV...
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