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Europe’s Unfriendly Skies

This article, written by Brian Sussman, was originally posted at American Thinker Flying to and from Europe just became more expensive thanks to the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).  The ETS was instituted in January 2005, in an attempt to control greenhouse gas emissions, specifically carbon dioxide.  Initially the scheme applied to power-generating facilities, oil refineries, steelworks, and other heavy industry in Europe.  Now, as of the first of the year, the regulations have reached the airline industry, including aircraft based in the United States. Flights to and from...
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Sussman On Fox Business…Again!

The libs have gone nuts over my appearances on Fox, and this was no exception. Click here to see me proclaim the truth about the climate and it’s relationship to EPA regulations and the economy.
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Why The Government Should Stay Out of Green Energy

Posted at Human Events, November 18,2010 In the realm of solar power, there has never been more fanfare for a startup than in the case of Solyndra.  Founded in 2005, the company’s rooftop mounted solar panels were immediately touted as “the next big thing” in alternative energy.  Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Solyndra has been a magnet for venture capital cash from the Silicon Valley. However, just before Solyndra’s promising glow of success began to fade, the last big investor stepped into the boardroom: The Obama’s Administration.  And man, did the American taxpayer get...
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Sussman Grills the California Air Resources Board

Sources indicate state employees at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are furious over a recent rant conducted by Sussman on his San Francisco radio program. However, says Sussman, “They can’t publicly respond to my comments, because they know I’m right.” Listen to Sussman’s on-air comments, here.
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If Obama Really Believed in Global Warming He’d be for Nuclear Power

I appreciate the author of this excellent article for crediting my book for uncovering Obama’s disdain toward nuclear power. As posted on NewsMax, October 2, 2010. Ex-Energy Chief: Nuclear Is Global Warming Answer Saturday, 02 Oct 2010 04:27 PM Article Font Size  By: Theodore Kettle Former Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham says building more nuclear power plants is the most sensible and effective response the United States can make against the threat of climate change – a strategy that makes sense even if global warming is not happening. “The challenge you have about global warming...
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