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Gore’s Paranoia Grows

My friends at CNS NEWS have tipped us off to a speech made by  the crowned prince of the environmental movement, Al Gore.  According to Gore, democracy in the U.S. is being undermined by American politicians appeasing special interest groups in return for campaign funding rather than trying to stop global warming, Al Gore told a conference in Scotland. Says the BBC, Gore staffers blocked broadcast media access to Wednesday’s speech. But British journalists quoted from the address to the Scottish government-sponsored Low Carbon Investment Conference in Edinburgh. The BBC said Gore’s speech...
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Dam Idiots Caught Using Junk Science on Klamath River

Originally posted at Human Events. In the name of saving salmon, radical environmentalists in Northern California have concocted a $1.4 billion plan to destroy four hydroelectric dams and dramatically restrict water to hundreds of thousands of acres of prime farmland.  However, an independent panel of scientists hired by the federal government to review the proposal has determined the primary goal of the deconstruction project is based on junk science. According to the just-released 350-page assessment, funded by the Fish and Wildlife Service, experts expressed “strong reservations” that the...
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Everything you need to prove Earth Day’s A Crock

This column is posed at  Human Events.  And don’t forget to see Sussman’s undercover YouTube video below.  Remember, Earth Day is an assault on the American way. EARTH DAY DENIGRATES CAPITALISM, AND MAN On this date in 1970, a trio of radical dreamers established Earth Day, an annual event designed to assault capitalism, free markets, and mankind. The initial concept was conceived by then-Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D.-Wis.).  Nelson was Congress’ leading environmentalist, a sort of pre-incarnate Sen. Barbara Boxer in drag.  He was also the mastermind behind those ridiculous teach-ins that...
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Another Example of How Wind Power Blows

Originally post at Human Events Wind energy took another blow—this time in Massachusetts. Wind One is the 400-foot-tall wind turbine owned by the town of Falmouth, on the southwestern tip of Cape Cod.  The residents of Falmouth initially welcomed Wind One as a symbol of green energy and a handy way to keep local taxes down.  Electricity generated by the turbine would be used to power the municipality’s infrastructure, thus shaving about $400,000 a year off its utility costs. Installed in the spring of 2010 at a cost of $5.1 million (with some $3 million derived through grants, government...
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Why San Francisco Stinks: Blame Eco-Freaks

This story was originally posted at Human Events This summer, as the San Francisco Giants were steaming toward winning the World Series, there was a noticeable stench surrounding their home field, AT&T Park. The Giant’s ballyard hugs the San Francisco Bay.  During low tide, as the bay water ebbs, and microscopic organisms in the mud are exposed to air and rapidly begin to decay, creating a rotten smell. During past baseball seasons, fans continually complained of the low-tide stink.  However, the sulfur-like scent wasn’t the result of the ways of the sea.  It was caused by environmentalists...
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