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Taxing you by the mile

I don’t care where you live—you need to know about the plan to tax you by the mile.

Like most of the eco-laws that have swept America over recent decades, this one originates in California—specifically in the ultra green San Francisco Bay area.  The idea is to charge motorists a tax on every mile they drive in the nine-county region. While liberal politicians are selling the scheme as a way to raise massive amounts of tax revenue, environmentalists see the plan as an effective way to coerce residents into driving less and using mass transit more—all in the name of saving the planet from global warming.  In any case, the liberals in the legislature and the eco-freaks are working together in perfect tyranny.

Last week members of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments approved going forward with further study of this tax plan, as part of a broader environmental program approved by the legislature and signed by then governor Arnold Schwarzenegger several years ago.  The law is aimed at making California a green utopia in which, by 2050, the state will be sectored into three “mega-regions” linked together by the transportation option of choice—high-speed rail.  The mega-regions will be packed with high-density housing and grouped around “transportation hubs,” to better serve a carless society. Farms and ranches (agriculture is California’s largest industry sector) will have been put out of business, and the state’s rural towns will vanish.  Additionally, because energy will be in short supply, California residents will be consumed with monitoring their personal carbon footprint just like an idiot might be consumed with the lint in his bellybutton.

Sadly, I’m not making this Orwellian scenario up.

In one of the Metropolitan Transportation Committee’s internal memos, dated May 19, 2010, the masterminds actually state their goal is to increase the cost of driving five-fold, and force 400,000 residents to relocate! According to the memo:

Our pricing and land use scenarios include very aggressive assumptions. We increase auto operating costs nearly 5 fold – this is necessary to move the GHG emissions “needle” because the Bay Area is a relatively high-wealth region. Our land use assumptions including moving 200,000 people, over and above current projections, in 2035 to San Francisco to better match jobs with workers; alternatively, we remove a like number of people in several suburban counties that have much higher jobs/housing imbalances.

Under the current tax-by-the-mile proposal, drivers would be required to install GPS-like odometers or other devices in their vehicles and pay  up to a dime for every mile driven. Based on current Bay Area driving patterns, these bureaucrats state a mileage tax could raise up to $15 million a day.

As for the security concerns associated with a mandatory, government-issued GPS device, commission spokesman Randy Rentschler told the Mercury News, “The last thing we’re interested in is where you go and what you do. What we’re trying to do is get people to figure out a way to raise revenue that they could support.”

Yeah. And I believe monkeys can fly out of my…

The complete proposal will be finished in January and scheduled for a vote by the MTC in April. Whatever the commission decides will be law.  The tax will be implemented within the decade.

Protesting this scheme is virtually impossible in that the majority of government bodies within the nine-county region would have to be persuaded to opt out—that’s unlikely.

Watch California carefully, and be warned.

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2 Responses to “ “Taxing you by the mile”

  1. Aphool Imnaught says:

    Ah yes, yet again we witness the remaking of evil. Welcome to the Fourth Reich green washed & rebranded as Agenda 21. Just as with a kindergarten kid, you are told that you may not like any of what they have in store for you but you are supposed to believe this is all “good for you”. This is NOT a fantasy. The UN’s Agenda 21 usurpation of all property rights including car ownership & the “right” to drive is already unfolding everywhere. Check to see if your city is on the list yet to become one of countless thousands of Agenda 21 cities. Thanks to globalism, the real goal is to achieve global governance via trade deals intended to destroy sovereign nationhood entirely. The social engineers are recreating a feudal style, communitarian form of communism meant solely for the proletariat masses. Capitalism a la corporatism as defined by overlords. How many bail outs must we fund before we finally “get” it? The criminal protection racket has gone global. This is all about the final transfer by legislation of any remaining middle class financial security. In short this is the ultimate cash grab dressed in green garb when in fact it is exactly the opposite. Every minute of this is done in collusion other means to reduce demand on resource so they can be saved for the few. Taxed by the mile is the evil twin of the smart grid, with its induced diseases & slow motion decline of cognitive function. Not to mention that once they use legislation to get rid of cars by taxing the use of them beyond reach, they could not find a better tool than the smart grid to literally return the world to the Dark Ages by hacking, by cyber attacks, & by creeping EMP style invisible frequency induced demolition, since wireless frequencies are already proven to destroy buildings.
    Any carless society is the opposite of enlightened. It spells the end of all individual mobility. It foretells the destruction of everything civilized. America without cars is not one iota different than the USSR, seedy, in sharp decline, soon to face line ups for toilet paper. Suffocatingly small “housing” & enforced transport choices are forms of imprisonment in carless holding pen housing where personal dignity becomes a thing of the past.
    Kissinger’s Agenda 21 lays this all out in that 40 chapter United Nations document that no one bothered to read. Agenda 21 is the mapping out & implementation, in incremental stages, of a global strategy designed to bilk the masses out of any & all remaining personal assets and rights. It is eerily familiar since it smacks of Hitler’s world domination plans wherein vast parts of the populace were captured & rendered down to their gold fillings.
    This entire evil globalist social engineering agenda is transparently obvious in its repeat references to the Agenda 21 imprisonment scheme, the purpose of which is to make relocation camps seem like a personal choice. The “idea” is to relocate a radically reduced population to what Kissinger calls stack-&-pack”, i.e. concentration camps. Imagine “verker hausing” located along transport corridors & you begin to “get” the idea. Visualize a model based on low income housing projects & you begin to sense where all of this is going, fast. The goal is a return to feudalism. Go to google images & search for the Agenda 21 map. Almost all of America has been deemed to be “OUT OF BOUNDS” to ordinary people. Access to nature or any rural location is to become illegal. A drastically reduced population of dumbed down serfs is meant to be forcibly corralled & located by laws they failed to fight which removed their own freedom of choice along w/ their rights. This is intended to occur only after all vestiges of assets, money & property including cars have first been removed from the masses in stages & after private ownership has then been outlawed – except for the self elected elite. The methodology is lifted right out of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. The description in this article above is already unfolding as Agenda 21 fact, a scheme devised by an impossibly wealthy tax stealing psychopathological predator minority to rule the sleeping masses. Their plans have already been implemented to put in motion a bleak dystopian future in which abuse is normal & people will have even less rights than those of domestic animals. That is once they have been dispossessed of property & have more fully become wage/tax slaves to marxist & totalitarian schemes like Obama’s own, tax by the mile.
    Think this is a crazy rant? Every thing expressed here comes straight out of the Agenda 21/Fourth Reich playbook, derived from the Common Purpose work of Gro Harlem Bruntland, & composed in excruciating detail by war criminal Henry Kissinger.

  2. George says:

    Thanks for the reality check. I hope many read your comments without over whelm.
    Most need a little milk and can not tolerate the meat of the issues.
    It invalidates their school mind entrancement over years of turning up the level of deceit, like boiling a frog.
    Now they are in government positions that will in time destroy America.
    What amazes me is the political correctness of talk show hosts that tip toe around the issues…
    however at least they know how to allow the minions options to expose the un talk-able subjects,
    it make sense as advertisers are aimed at the many not changing the world.
    We need your voice on the air so do what you have to do.
    Follow the money….don’t be a whistle blower, you will pay a price.
    So, hats off to you Brian.
    Your observations are right on.
    I left the Bay Area after 61 years because of the insanity in the Bay Area.

    I came to Cedar Park outside Austin TX where the Nazi government systems are worse.
    We just live in a different world today where those in charge are bringing us to the level of third world standards by design.
    It started years ago in our schools and now that they have believed the lies if will be to difficult to reverse the final outcome of a 3rd world nation.
    Humans would rather die than admit they are wrong.
    The only option we have have is to empower individuals one person at a time like Mr. Sussman is doing by his actions.

    I was fortunate to be involved in project Bluebird, Artichoke and MK Ultra as a child, so I see a different world than most.
    Our government is not our government however they are in charge. His story repeats itself.
    I was a whistle blower in Cupertino and sued the IRS and won only to lose by getting audited over and over.
    I can no longer live life in America and may exit soon before we are locked in.
    PS G_ _gle chr_me blocked your station, at least on my computer.
    They are also banning all websites with natural products as part of Agenda 21.
    All OK for me as I know the train coming down the track.
    The Green Preacher

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