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The New Eco-Scare: Extinction

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development has wrapped up in Rio de Janeiro and the overwhelming consensus among participants is that the human population, left unchecked,  is set to force a mass extinction of species.

The reason? Human’s are consuming the world’s resources at an alarming rate and are throwing the earth out of balance, say the eco-activists. Unless drastic protocols are emplaced, this terrestrial ball will experience a complete species meltdown, much like the cataclysmic event that killed off the dinosaurs millions of years ago, they contend.

The gathering of representatives from virtually every nation (and environmental organization) on the planet, was held to further the goals presented at the original UN Rio “Earth Summit” in 1992, via a detailed plan known as Agenda 21—the global political agenda for the 21st Century.  The 1992 conference was unique in that it made global warming a household term, introduced the planet to Al Gore, and presented the details of a term conjured up by UN masterminds nearly 10 years earlier: “sustainable development.”

In short, sustainable development insists the human species is no more significant than any other species on the planet, and in fact should be discriminated against because, left unabated, the human population will do great harm to, or even destroy, all other species. Sustainable development is described by its architect, Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environmental Program, as akin to “putting our planet, Earth Incorporated, if you will, on a sound business basis.”

That “business plan” sees liberty-loving humans as carriers of a plague. Its prescribed cure is liberty-sapping, heavy-handed regulations and laws designed to control human behavior and reproduction.

As for Agenda 21 (as I thoroughly explain in Eco-Tyranny), it’s sustainable development’s highly detailed action plan and it’s designed to move the nations toward a brave new world. The Agenda begins with a preamble that speaks to “the fulfillment of basic needs, improved living standards for all, better protected and managed ecosystems and a safer, more prosperous future.  No nation can achieve this on its own; but together we can—in a global partnership for sustainable development.”

With such a dreamy, left-tilting, pronouncement it should be no surprise that Agenda 21 deems universal health care a “right.” It also redefines wealth, insisting on “the need for new concepts of wealth and prosperity.”  The Agenda also encourages government-sponsored societal brainwashing, stating, “Achieving the goals of environmental quality and sustainable development will require…changes in consumption patterns.” Indeed, “Governments themselves [can] also play a role in [determining] consumption… and can have a considerable influence on both corporate decisions and public perceptions.”

Of course, Agenda 21 also heralds the abolition of private property rights; something Maurice Strong began pushing via the UN in 1976, at the Conference on Human Settlements, aka “Habitat I.” At that event Strong proclaimed,

  • “Private land ownership is a principal instrument of accumulating wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice.  Public control of land use is therefore indispensable.”
  • “Public ownership of land is justified in favor of the common good, rather than to protect the interest of the already privileged.”
  • “Zoning and land-use planning [are to be used] as a basic instrument of land policy in general and of control of land-use changes in particular.”
  • “Fiscal controls [are to be employed], e.g. property taxes, tax penalties and tax incentives [in order to eradicate private lands].

As the Agenda states, governments shall “formulate appropriate land-use policies and introduce planning regulations specially aimed at the protection of eco-sensitive zones against physical disruption by construction and construction-related activities.”

This plank from Rio has provided the tyrannical inspiration to institute laws, regulations, and policies to mitigate physical private property rights here in the United States.

Coinciding with its plan to usher us into global socialist paradigm, Agenda 21 is responsible for promoting  “green jobs,” as well as high speed rail and other mass transit projects which “promote the use of labor-intensive construction and maintenance technologies which generate employment in the construction sector for the underemployed labor force found in most large cities.”

And we can’t forget the hidden crown jewel of the sustainable development scheme: population control. Agenda 21 brashly reveals that the preferred tool for population repression is abortion.  Cloaking their message with terms such as “curative health facilities,” (a deceptive alias for abortion clinics), the Agenda declares, “Governments should take active steps to implement programs to establish and strengthen preventive and curative health facilities that include women-centered, women-managed, safe and effective reproductive health care and affordable, accessible services, as appropriate, for the responsible planning of family size.”

But wait, there’s more.

Along with the UN doubling down on their sustainable development scheme in Rio last week, they now also insist that the “greatest threat” facing the planet is the extinction of species—due to the presence of too many people sucking up too many of the earth’s resources.

Trouble is, just like with global warming, extinction of species is not a problem.

The massive species losses cited at Rio are based on sloppy extrapolations, wild guesses and unfounded presumptions—all force-fed into biased, non-validated, virtual reality computer models that assume increased carbon dioxide levels will raise global temperatures so high that plants, birds, reptiles and animals will be exterminated.

Like their ridiculous global cooling, global warming, climate change scenarios, there is no evidence to support any of these bizarre extinction scenarios.

As I’ve stated on radio, TV, in my books, and my blogs: the environmental movement is not about clean air and clean water: it’s about killing capitalism, destroying free markets, and assaulting mankind.

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5 Responses to “ “The New Eco-Scare: Extinction”

  1. Nia says:

    So now you’re an ecologist, too? How do you know that the massive species losses are based on sloppy extrapolation ?Because all scientists are sloppy by nature, and closet commies to boot, no doubt.

  2. Steve L says:

    Why don’t these hypocrites sterilize themselves, their wives/husbands and their offspring immediately, because that would show that they are serious about being “part of the solution, not part of the problem.” They should also encourage, no demand, that everyone in their organizations do the same and offer them, no force them, into sterilization clinics at their organizations. This would start the ball rolling to restore freedom and free enterprise to the world, by eliminating the threat over time.

  3. Two questions for the Extinction crowd:
    1) Name one species that has become extinct in the last year. (Answer: They can’t.)
    2) Give me the number of new species discovered in the last year. (Answer: Over 10,000.)
    In the immortal words of Ted Nugent: “If you want to halt the demise of an animal, find a tasty way to prepare it”.
    There’s a reason Gallus gallus domesticus and Bos primigenius taurus aren’t extinct: They’re delicious.

  4. Sio says:

    I can remember when I was a small child I repeatedly witnessed programmes stating that by the time I had a child there would be no more tigers, elephants or leopards left due to us terrible people. Years later at the age of 27, now with a child of my own he’s seen a fair few of the animals stated above. In fact over the years the numbers have increased above the number being spouted when I was a kid. I’d also like to point out something about the greens/elitists Malthusian approach to population control. How come it’s ok for them to have more than 2 children? Do they forget that it’s us lowly commoners that keep their businesses going and keep the taxes flowing into the governments bank account? Less of us means less hands to do their dirty work and less money to fund their out of touch lifestyles.

  5. jon parker says:

    I’m with Nia on this one. So the combined scientific research of the past (at least) 50 years, conducted by eminent, qualified & committed research scientists of the highest calibre working from multiple research centres around the globe is to be trashed by..1 lone journalist claiming to be a science writer whose media career is based on 1 particular avenue? For the bookies out there, which of these 2 do you think has the best odds of being right? I know where i’d put my bet. Not that his conclusion is mundane by any means – this is truly fascinating stuff which I’m sure Hollywood is queueing up for right now for the film rights – the ‘green’ movement isn’t actually about the environment at all, its actually a secret clandestine movement designed to destroy capitalism and reduce us all to poverty!!! Dan Brown step aside, this guy’s gone 1 better! global anti-capitalist conspiracy theory – except that this is hardly original, its been the battle cry of the hardened ultra-right for decades. Meanwhile, lets get back to the real issue behind this – extinction of all the species is not the end state of current global warming crisis. With luck, most species will,in time, adapt & prosper. Whether we, the human race, will be able to adapt so successfully is another matter – this is the real threat.

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