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The other bad decision

Before Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), on Tuesday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia threw out a petition challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s claim that carbon dioxide is a lethal “pollutant” that endangers public health because it is a greenhouse gas and a factor in global warming.

The Appeals Court decision was based in part on a 2007 Supreme Court ruling that stated the 1970 Clean Air Act empowered the EPA to regulate CO2.  This was clumsy claim, given that the Clean Air Act mentions nothing about CO2. In fact, in 1970 scientists deemed CO2 a fertilizer.

The new ruling will permit the EPA to continue to crush American businesses with burdensome regulations, thus increasing their costs–which will be passed to we, the consumer.

Here’s the truth:

CO2 represents  0.038% of all atmospheric gases–that reads 38/1000’s of 1 percent. It’s also known as a “variable gas” that has been as much as 12 times higher in concentration in past eras.  Also, CO2 is NOT a leading indicator of atmospheric warming, it’s a lagging indicator. AND, of that 0.038%, humans are responsible for emitting a mere 3% of that into the atmosphere. Finally, even though CO2 is a minute atmospheric component, it’s essential for life–and in higher concentrations actually enhances life.

For the EPA to claim that CO2 poses a public health hazard is ridiculous.

Tuesday’s decision was one that will cause great harm to our nation’s economy. We need:

1. A President who will appoint someone with a brain–not an ideology–to run the EPA.
2. A surge of patriots into the Senate, to take the reins away from Harry Reid.

It may have been an excellent week for tyranny–but it’s a wonderful opportunity to vote for liberty.

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