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TV station blames falling ice chunk on global warming

I’m dumbstruck.

A local TV station here in San Francisco is suggesting that global warming could be the reason a basketball sized chunk of ice fell from the sky Sunday evening, ripping a hole through the roof of a home in Fremont, just east of the Bay.

According to KTVU television:

The ice that hit the roof of a Fremont home is white, not blue.  Blue ice colored by disinfectant sometimes falls from aircraft lavatories. The chunk left a hole the size of a basketball in the tile roof of the home. The family described a loud crash. When they went outside to look, they found the white ice.

Hmmm. What the TV reporter failed to mention is that the home is directly in the flight path of the San Francisco International Airport. In fact the Federal Aviation Administration is looking into the matter, and checking radar data to see what aircraft were in the area at the time of the ice drop.

The TV reporter went on to link the event to global warming:

Scientists say there have been 40 cases worldwide in the last 13 years of ice plunging from the sky and not directly linked to airplanes.  The name given to them is “megacryometeors;” hail-like ice that forms without a thunderstorm. One theory blames global warming for the phenomenon.

Once again the lamestream media proves its incompetence. First of all, Sunday evening in the San Francisco Bay Area was very warm, the humidity low, and there was not a cloud in the sky. Additionally, there is no possible way for a large block of ice to form in a perfectly clear atmosphere. Large hailstones can only form in intense thunderstorms that contain supersaturated air and large updraft wind speeds sufficient to keep the hail aloft long enough to collect large amounts of frozen water on its surface.  Even if the ice chunk were to have somehow formed high in the atmosphere, it would have been falling through unsaturated air and would have evaporated.

In a rush to pin the ice chunk on global warming, the goofballs at KTVU should have checked in with a real meteorologist to add balance to their reporting.

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2 Responses to “ “TV station blames falling ice chunk on global warming”

  1. Tom Vallejos says:

    I’m surprised that KTVU would be so lax. Have you contacted the station’s GM?

  2. Fred Rich says:

    Not long ago one of the network tv stations introduced their new hires in the news dept., all newly graduated from major (liberal) universities. My impression was that these people were pretty stupid. They didn’t know anything about current events, our history, etc. Likewise, recently several of the major tv pudits were on Jeopardy. The incredible news story should have been how ignorant these people are. They didn’t know much of ANYTHING. Alex looked pretty irked at them after a while. It seems he couldn’t believe these major network characters are so stupid.

    It used to be you could become a major broadcast star without a college degree, but you had to be intelligent, aware of current events throughout the world, and do your own research and writing. They knew how to be reporters and built the tv news industry.

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