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Welcome, First Time Visitors!

Here are some quick links to some of my most popular postings:

- An enlightening chapter (not included in Climategate) on glaciers and sea ice.

- A retort to the idiotic line, “Sussman, you’re just a TV Meteorologist.”

- How the temperature record is rigged, and that 2009 (and for that matter 2010) are not two of the hottest years ever.

- And one of my favorites: video of an Al Gore event I crashed.

More of my stuff can be seen at American Thinker and Human Events.

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5 Responses to “ “Welcome, First Time Visitors!”

  1. Frank Joseph says:

    I intend to buy your book as I am curious why the jet stream is spiking so low in the US and Europe. Is it because the gulf stream has warmed excessively? Is the ocean warming releasing methane which in turn causes more warming? Interesting questions but it all comes down to who is causing it. Is this a natural cycle or our lifestyle and economic progress on a global scale?

  2. Tom K. says:

    I enjoyed your tape-delayed broadcast in the Chicago area last night … nice to see another Mizzou J-School grad like me wise-up and realize what’s going on in the world … on the good side they taught me to let nothing get in the way of getting the story … on the bad side in the early 70s they taught the “New Journalism” that urged students to become crusaders for what is socially right. I believe that led in part to the mess the press is in.

    Look forward to following your comments …


  3. Sorry for the delay in responding. The jet stream’s course is subject to the positioning of the various high pressure systems.
    It is constantly varying in latitude.

  4. Peter Stines says:

    It never ceases to amaze me, these global warmers. I’ve looked at temps and other readings from the late 1700’s to the 1950’s. Some of the hottest were in the 1920’s. Otherwise we are about where we normally would be. Maybe a tad warmer, but blame “El Nino” or “La Nina” aka Mother Nature! In 1863 Galveston Bay FROZE OVER! In 1875 a major hurricane hit the gulf coast destroying crops and livestock to the tune of millions. And the 1900 storm that wrecked Galveston was one of the worst on record. How many cars were around then ? By 1890-1900 major cities had electric street cars but unless I’m wrong travel mainly horses and mules. Ships were steam or sail. Cooking and heating was by either natual gas or coal/wood or coal oil. And today that has mostly disappeared.

  5. Lori Gee says:

    This book should be mandatory reading in our public schools!

    The ‘green energy’ manipulation of our economy, and our way of life, is terrifying! And likely will bring this great country to its knees..

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