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Why Al Gore Refuses to Debate Anyone

On June 29, 1993 President Clinton signed Executive Order 12852.  The Order established the President’s Council on Sustainable Development.  Appropriately, Gore was given authority over the Council and would aid in selecting its twenty-five ultraist members, which included:

-                Co-Chairman, Jonathan Lash, President, World Resources Institute; an organization dedicated to “putting environmental issues on the international agenda.”[1]

-                John Adams, Executive Director, Natural Resources Defense Council; their Mission Statement declares the  “NRDC strives to help create a new way of life for humankind.”[2]

-                Michelle Perrault, International Vice President, Sierra Club, whose goals include, “Creating the domestic conditions needed for the U.S. to lead in negotiating and implementing an international climate treaty.”[3]

-                John Sawhill, President, The Nature Conservancy, an organization that “is working with world leaders to build support of an international climate change agreement,” which will include “funding…to help buffer the impacts of climate change on people.”[4]

Also on the Council were key members from the Clinton administration, representing a coalition in keeping with the pillars of the economy, social issues and the environment:

-                Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of the Interior.  Babbitt is now a Director of the World Wildlife Fund, a radical, environmental group that is hostile to humankind and seeks “to be the voice for those creatures who have no voice.”[5]

-                Carol Browner, Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency.  Browner stepped down as President Obama’s Director of the Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy in 2011.

-                Andrew Cuomo, Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development. Cuomo is a career politician who is currently the Governor of New York.  In 2008, as New York’s Attorney General, Cuomo filed a lawsuit against the George W. Bush administration’s EPA for “refusal to control pollution from oil refineries.”[6] Cuomo claimed Bush had “a do-nothing policy on global warming.”

-                William Daley, Secretary, Department of Commerce. Daley was also appointed to the board of government mortgage giant Fannie Mae.  He went on to Chair Al Gore’s 2000 Presidential campaign.  After several lucrative years in the elite banking industry, he became Obama’s Chief of Staff in 2011.

-                Bill Richardson, Secretary, Department of Energy. Richardson ran for President in 2008, proposing to cut US oil demand 50-percent by 2020 and mandate a 90-precent reduction on carbon dioxide emissions by 2050[7]

The Sustainable Development Council soon cranked out its goals in a statement entitled, “We Believe,” which clearly scores well with the ambitions of the United Nations, flies in the face of the foundations of American liberty.  Please note my personal comments, which I have italicized.

We Believe,

Economic growth, environmental protection, and social equity are linked. We need to develop integrated policies to achieve these national goals.[1] Once again we see the economy, the environment and government-mandated handouts to those deemed less fortunate, bonded together.  To the rational citizen, these should be three distinctly separate issues, but in this case the goal is to create policies that effect all levels of government, business and education, to see the “national goals” through.

The United States should have policies and programs that contribute to stabilizing global human population…[2]
No we should not! There is certainly nothing in the Unites States Constitution that would allow the federal government to enter into population control. My God! This is a goal that in the hands of a madman could require gross extermination.

Even in the face of scientific uncertainty, society should take reasonable actions to avert risks where the potential harm to human health or the environment is thought to be serious or irreparable.[3]
“Even in the face of scientific uncertainty”? I understand that at some point we all are required to make decisions based upon uncertainty, however, big decisions based upon a lack of facts end up relying on Las Vegas-like luck in order to succeed.  Additionally, such uncertainty would naturally allow for ones personal bias to factor into the decision that is ultimately made.  This is no way to create policy for 300 million citizens.

May I ask you, is this what you believe? Gore’s Council was cleverly convened to push a plan inconsistent with the constitutional principals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But it gets worse.

In addition to putting aside certainty in making policy decisions, the Council also determined that there would be no debate regarding global warming:

The Council should not debate the science of global warming, but should instead focus on the implementation of national and local greenhouse gas reduction policies and activities, and adaptations in the U.S. economy and society that maximize environmental and social benefits, minimize economic impacts, and are consistent with U.S. international agreements.

Game. Set.  Match.  As far as this key council was concerned, there was no need to debate the hottest issue of the day.

Now you understand why, to this day, Al Gore repeatedly make statements like, “there’s no legitimate debate,”[4] or that those who do not believe in the theory of human-caused global warming are “like the ones who still believe that the moon landing was staged in a movie lot in Arizona and those who believe the earth is flat.”[5]

Gore is using junk science to push an agenda designed to destroy America and make himself rich.

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4 Responses to “ “Why Al Gore Refuses to Debate Anyone”

  1. Mark Evans says:

    Sounds like this Sussman is the left coast’s Marcus Bachmann

  2. J B Jolibois says:

    Thank you for pointing out the goals of President’s Council on Sustainable Development. If I ever heard of it, I took no notice, as was probably intended. I am trying to learn about global warming and was surprised at the almost total lack of objective scientific debate. The quote above explains what happened to the debate we were promised.

  3. john warner says:

    I statistically proved that the earth’s air temperature determines the
    growth rate of carbon dioxide in the air by regressing annual changes in
    carbon dioxide against channel 5 AMSU annual global air temperature
    anomalies between 1979 and 2011. The equation is dC=1.70+1.94*T.
    r=0.76434 r squared = 58.42% This equation estimates that if the
    temperature anomaly is 0.5 degrees Celsius the increase in carbon
    dioxide for that year will be 2.67 parts per million. But if the Global
    Warming Believers want to insist that the direction of cause and effect
    is the other way around I can do that also. The equation is
    T=-0.514+0.302*dC r=0.7643492 r squared = 58.42% The superficiality
    of this physically impossible specification’s high level of attained
    significance does not mean that this equation is even a remotely
    believable explanation of reality. In fact the coefficient
    overestimates temperature by 37.75 times. Every credible Global Warming
    Skeptic knows that the average annual temperature at which the earth’s
    air radiates to space has increased 0.4384 degrees Celsius between 1979
    and 2011. Carbon dioxide increased 54.8ppm. 0.302*54.8=16.5496
    16.5496/0.4384=37.75 Al Gore’s role in the sordid Global Warming Scheme
    will not be treated kindly by history. Ironically, what is going to
    unravel the fraudulent scientific claim that carbon dioxide determines
    earth’s air temperature is that the logical public policy inference from
    the equation is that you can increase the carbon dioxide in the air
    forever and never increase the air temperature. I hope there are enough
    public spirited citizens left in California who know enough High School
    Algebra to calculate that if you plug 1.7ppm of carbon dioxide into the
    equation the answer is 0.0 degrees Celsius increase in the earth’s air
    temperature anomaly. Of course you should just accept the truth that
    there is no scientific basis for the claim the carbon dioxide determines
    the earth’s air temperature. You owe it to yourself and your fellow
    citizens to spare yourselves the loss of Liberty, the loss of Prosperity
    and the loss of Happiness that California’s Cap and Trade law will
    impose. Everybody who has the mental capacity to understand my comment now knows that the real purpose of the law is to plunder California’s wealth for a few players and that it will have absolutely no effect on the earth’s air temperature.

  4. john warner says:

    It is time to make the argument that the natural physical mechanisms are too numerous and too powerful to let any forcing factor substantially raise the earth’s average annual air temperature. Fortunately nature conducts an annual experiment that overwhelmingly disproves the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide Global Warming Theory. The IPCC claims that in 100 years carbon dioxide will increase 365 ppm and that the 3.71wpsm increase in radiative forcing will increase the earth’s air temperature 5.8oC. On January 5th the sun is closer to the earth than on July 5th. As a result the sun’s P/A is 24wpsm greater on January Fifth. This allows us to conduct an intellectual experiment to test the explanatory power of their ratio between temperature and radiative forcing. (5.8oC/3.71wpsm)*24wpsm=37.52oC In fact the earth’s air temperature is 3oC cooler on January fifth. Therefore the IPCC ratio predicted a temperature that is 40.52oC higher than the earth’s actual temperature. Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize and An Oscar using a ratio of 5oC/3.71wpsm. The IPCC’s lowest ratio of 1.4oC/3.71wpsm still predicts a temperature that is 12.06oC to high in this experiment. I can assure you that there is nothing about the earth’s air temperature record to date that makes me think the IPCC predictions are credible. I know all of the mitigating physical mechanism that account for this paradox. And so do the Global Warming scientists and I challenge them to regain some credibility by using their access to the media to inform us. But they won’t because they would have to reveal all that they know about why carbon dioxide at the current growth rate can’t exert any more influence on the earth’s air temperature in the next 600 years than 0.28 degrees Celsius. And 1.1 degrees Celsius in some remote places like the Arctic Ocean.

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