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Why warmers lie

Dr. Peter Gleick is a rock star amongst the climate change crowd.  He has penned lengthy articles about global warming, received a MacArthur “genius award,” and has even testified before Congress.  Gleick also runs the nonprofit Pacific Institute in Oakland—an organization dedicated to teaching global warming as absolute fact in America’s public schools.

But now the Berkeley resident finds himself at the center of a national scandal of his own making: using a phony name to obtain confidential documents from the Heartland Institute, a libertarian-leaning think tank known for its skeptical stand on global warming.  Ironically, Gleick chairs the Scientific Ethics panel for the American Geophysical Union—or at least he did.  Gleick resigned yesterday as a result of his pathetic failings.

Monday, Gleick stunned the scientific community, via his blog at the Huffington Post, admitting he was guilty of fraudulently obtaining the Heartland documents.

According to Heartland officials, Gleick actually posed as a member of their board in order to receive the proprietary information, which he then distributed on the Internet.

Meantime, Dr. Glieck may be up for criminal charges.  The documents he admits to stealing contained personal information about Heartland staff members and donors, which could violate their privacy and endanger their personal safety.

Gleick’s unscrupulous ways clearly illustrate that his camp is losing the battle to convince American’s that global warming is threatening life on earth.  As I (any many others) have written, data from the warmers is regularly manipulated, and so-called “facts” are dreamed up out of thin air.  It is the quintessentially the bastardization of science—look no farther than the temperature record itself.

Now, in Gleick’s case, his lying may be a criminal offense.

Losers lie.  Winners don’t have to.

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